I've Moved: Come Find Me at The Happy Larkspur!

This is a warm goodbye to Through Tasha's Camera.

This blog has been my base and my creative escape for the last 4 / 5 years and I've loved every second of it. I've had about 3 different blogs now and each of them has been on Blogger and while I love Blogger - it's easy to use, has simple designs and it's a popular blogging platform - I wanted to try something new for 2017 so you can find  me now over there from the 3rd of January onwards.

Simply click the banner above and it should take you over to my new blog!

The content will be the same but it's a new blog, a new name and a different website. I'll post each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday as I've been doing here, but I wanted a change of scenery and to try out something new to keep myself on my toes and to encourage me to seek out more fun and joy in 2017 as I feel like I've let my worries gets to me this year hence the new blog name, The Happy Larkspur. I want to be happier and have more fun, and a larkspur is my birth flower for the month of July so it seemed fitting to mesh nature and joy together - two things I strive to have in my life!

I will leave this blog up and open so if you ever want to come back and search through my old posts for something you liked or were inspired by you can still do that, but this is the official final post on Through Tasha's Camera.

Thank you for all of the kind comments and inspiration, here's to new adventures, fun and inspiration.

I hope to see you all there!



Project 365: The Favourite Five - December

Another year of Project 365 has come to an end, and I'm really glad I decided to do this again as the last time I attempted Project 365 was back in 2014, so it's been good fun to challenge myself to do some new things, have a go at improving my own photography skills and setting myself a daily challenge. I won't be carrying on Project 365 into 2017 as I like to take breaks in between to refresh myself, so I might do this again in 2018, but we'll see. I am going to be challenging myself to some photography challenges I found online throughout this year and I'll be doing monthly round-ups on my new blog of those.

However, it's time to say farewell to this project for another year and share with you all my favourite photos from December - I wanted to do it on this blog as all of my other 365 posts are here, but apart from this one the next post is a mini update to say goodbye to this blog, so this is also the penultimate post on Through Tasha's Camera! Also, if you'd like to see my entire year just click this link here and you can view all the months and images from Project 365 over on their official website. 

Onto the photos!

1. Sparkling Stars

Workington's Christmas decorations lit up the whole town beautifully over the festive period and this glittery star was my favourite. I snapped this before the lights were officially turned on the week after, as I loved the design and the way it was glittering in the midday sunshine.

2. Reflected

While taking photos of the Christmas tree I spied my reflection in one of the baubles, with the camera and loved the result.

3. Flash of Orange

A beautifully blinding sunset tonight. No edits, this really was the colour of the sky out there, as the sun dipped below the horizon!

4. Snowflake Shadows

Christmas is over and I spent most of the days afterwards relaxing in my room, enjoying these snowflakes shadows as the sky changed colour behind them. I always like to take the next few days as rest days before the excitement of the New Year begins. This Christmas was very quiet and relaxed so next year I want to do something a bit more lively!

5. Sunny Snowflakes 

Today was the day I took down my decorations so I got some final few photos to remember them by (no official decorations post this year due to life things, but next year I will make sure of it!), and the sun came beaming through my curtains hitting one of my paper snowflakes beautifully. A lovely way to end the festive season!

Thank you for all of your lovely, kind and supportive comments on my photos this year, especially the Project 365 photos and for those of you who have done this this year, what's been your favourite bit about this and what have been your favourite photos?

It's been a very difficult year for me personally and with the added stress of global news and general worries it's not been easy, but I am determined to make 2017 a great year, so have at you 2017!

Happy New Year all!



December Clouds

I took these photos during the week before Christmas, but haven't gotten around to sharing them until now. I loved the way the cloud drifted aimlessly across the sky. It was such a calm moment in-between the calamity of Christmas planning and general life madness that I felt relaxed like I hadn't been for a long time. Watching the skies gently shift, I thought these would be the perfect photos to share as a calming reminder of winter's natural as everyone decompressed after the holiday season and we begin to look towards the New Year and the days ahead.

So, if like me, you often need a moment or two just before the festivities of New Year's Eve begin, then I hope these calming, winter blue skies and white clouds will help. I won't write much more as I want these photos to speak for themselves, but I hope you can all take 5 minutes just to breathe and relax before jumping into the weekend, and remember, it's OK to take 5 minutes for yourself, have a break, and let your mind drift for a moment, just like these clouds.

I'm linking up with Jen for Photo Friday today.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, that you've all enjoyed a fantastic Christmas or festive period, depending on what / if you celebrate or not and that you enjoy your New Year's Eve and the weekend as we start a new year. Here's hoping 2017 will bring with it plenty of opportunity, good times, new experiences, fun and above all happiness. There will be one more post from me here, all about the new blog, links to it and a final farewell to Through Tasha's Camera on New Year's Day, but until then, drink, be merry and have lots of fun, and Happy New Year!

See you all then!



Holiday Haze

I think I end up sharing these 'snowflake shadows' each Christmas but they're probably my favourite thing about my room when the festive season gets here. It's the day after Boxing Day as I am typing this, and I am feeling relaxed, full of good food and anxiously awaiting the start of the new year as I try to recover from what has been a difficult last few months in my part of the world, but, while this year has been a tough one, I won't let my optimism slide and I am looking forward to brighter and better things come 2017. So for the rest of the week I'm enjoying some free time, catching up on some reading, making some art and enjoying my snowflake shadows for a little longer before I take them down.

I'm linking up with Sue for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday today.

Hope you're all enjoying your week so far.



Merry Christmas!

Christmas draws nearer and right now I'm more than happy to just curl up in front of the tree, with family, good food, laughter and a film. The warming glow from the Christmas tree only adds to the comfort I feel at this time of year, but I'm also very aware that this year can be very difficult for a lot of people, and there will be those who are dreading the upcoming holidays. So I really hope that everyone who is reading this has a safe time over the holiday period, whether you celebrate any type of religion over this festive period or not, and remember if you are going through a difficult time at the moment, or are struggling in any way, know that you are not alone and I'll be thinking of you all as we move into 2017.

Apologies too for radio silence on this blog recently. We had some unexpected family news at the beginning of the week which was quite shocking, and upsetting, and I needed to take a few days as we weren't sure what was happening. Thankfully though, things have calmed and everyone is doing OK now, which is all we want just before Christmas arrives. So thank you for your patience and your kind words on my last post, they meant a lot, and I'll be visiting blogs for a proper catch-up after Christmas has passed, so I will catch up with you all then. 

Mostly, I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I'll be back on here blogging next Wednesday, the 28th, and Friday, the 30th, before I switch across to my new blog. I'll have another mini post with the link to it up on New Year's Day, so take care and enjoy the weekend!