I was inspired by Eadaoin, from City of Blackbirds to do a post all about my various cloud photos. Whenever I take my camera out into my garden to try and get some new photos, it's always the clouds that draw my attention. I love the fact that every time I go outside and look at the sky, the clouds always change shape. 

Have a lovely Friday everyone and take care!

And don't forget to check out City of Blackbirds, because her blog is beautiful and she has some amazing photography on there.



  1. These pictures are gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely card, too x

  2. i love the pinky clouds ^^ and the sky is always so pretty or dramatic ^^ and thanks for joing my giveaway and i got ur letter alrdy!! thanks i'll reply soon :)

  3. Very, very nice! I guess clouds and leaves are so alike in that there is always something new to be captured with your camera. These make a gorgeous collection, there's such peace in the colour and light :) And thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it xxx

  4. these are great shots, Tasha dear! :) keep it up!

  5. I loved this post. I never really thought about clouds and your pics were so so beautiful and all so different! One of the best blog posts I've read anywhere for ages ♥ xxx

  6. These are beautiful pictures! I love staring at clouds, and there are some beautiful goings on in the sky with them.


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