Forever Autumn

I thought I'd share some of the photos that I took before Christmas, back in the autumn time. I miss the slightly warm, but chilly days with all the golden leaves, but spring is the one to look forward to now, which is a big favourite of mine! I love the warmer months, when you can just leave the house with a cardigan on and spend days in the garden enjoying the sun! I love winter with a passion, but summer has a special place in my heart.

Two collared doves were nestled in these branches very happily, and though I have photos of them, this photo just makes me very happy because it has that hazy summer tint about it.

Thank goodness for super macro! A leaf up close. The sunlight added to the glow.

I already miss these leaves...

The clouds above our house always twist into the strangest shapes. I think I may do a cloud shapes post, because I have several others like this, and because I do love clouds!

Au revoir Autumn!

Hope you're all well!



  1. nice pictures!!!!! the light on it is really good!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I miss Autumn too! :)

    x Christine @ Fanciful Vision


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