Snow Fun

I feel like a traitor to many people for saying this but I already miss the snow. It only seems like a few days ago when the garden resembled icing on a cake, but now it's returned to it's green and brown earthy tones. So, I have some more snow photos to show you when England got a bit of a blizzard, which seems to be becoming a regular winter thing now for us! Not that I'm complaining because I do love the snow! 

Always a good feeling to dig the snow boots out!

Icicles - so beautiful.

I love the way the waning sunlight of the day was reflected on the ground - it made the snow look like sugar! I also really love that soft crunching sound that my boots make when I go walking in it  - I do love winter weather!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the snow!



  1. Haa, in some ways I miss the snow, I'd forgotten how dull and dreary endless pavements are!

  2. Well my Mum has always told me that it's bad luck to leave the christmas decorations up after the 6th Jan. So I usually leave them up until the 6th - as long as possible :-)


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