Candyfloss Sunsets

Last night's sky was awash with this neon pink colour. Reflected against the midnight blue backdrop, it felt like being in a dream and I was stood outside for quite some time admiring the gorgeous colours. It was the perfect compliment to a relaxed weekend.

Hope you're all well!



  1. I started the day really late too, i guess it's beause i'm done with finals and the weekend is finally here so i felt too much of a relief :]
    The gifts you gave to your best friend sound lovely<3
    And that's a gorgeous sunset<3
    have a great weekend!

  2. The sunset is very beautiful. The picture captured it at just the right moment.

  3. great to see you back! sorry, I don't have much time to comment but just wanted to welcome you back :3 missed ya!

  4. ♥ Beautiful photo of the sunset! Gorgeous! :)
    Ah what a lovely friend you are - that is really sweet of you!
    Wow! You wouldn't think a company as big as Lush would have that happen would you! :( xxxx

    ƸӜƷ www.makinglifemorebeautiful.co.uk ƸӜƷ

  5. Cool photo! I love taking sunset photo's, but they never seem to look as good in the pic as they do in real life :)

    Glad you had a relaxing day! You need them once in a while!

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