Terrific Thursday

I hope you've all been having a good week! Today I started my volunteering placement at the NAGC. Everyone's really nice there, and it was fun as well as being a fantastic way for me to get some work experience in an office environment, so I'm really happy about that. I promised to show you the jewellery I've been making, so here they are!

My dolphin and blue bead charm bracelet. Unfortunately, I dropped this on the floor as I was balancing it on top of some books, because I thought that was a clever idea, so now one of the beads has the tiniest chip in it, but luckily I'm not selling these, otherwise I'd be in trouble! As well as that I pulled too tightly on the thread so now the bracelet's just a little too tight around the wrist, but I'm happy it turned out ok, especially for a first try.

And my shell necklace. I just made this very quickly and easily, because all it is, is a charm attached with a jump ring, then threaded onto a piece of hemp string and then tied at the ends together with a simple knot. I just wanted something simple for the summer time. 

Apart from that, I took a few more photos of the past couple of sunsets because it looked really pretty, especially a few evenings ago when all the birds were out and about, flying across the sky. And it felt a little warmer when the sun was out shining the other day, so I hope for a warm spring...I hope! It's been unusually cold this winter!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, everyone!



  1. I'm glad to hear about your volunteer job and the fact that the environment is nice and friendly.
    I really like the dolphin bracelet and the colour is just too pretty<3
    Shell necklace is simple but beautiful and so summery, i love it!
    The images are lovely.One of my favourite things on earth are the Sun Sets! And often the birds are saying their good byes to the sun in good weathers by flying around crowdly which makes a really enchanting view to watch, just like the one you saw a few evenings ago<3<3
    About the depression, i never was able to cope with sudden bouts but i tried and it didn't get better in fact it got worse, so i understood that i wasn't strong enough to fight this situation alone.That's how i decided to get professional help.Now i'm feeling pretty good and the bouts are quite rare.

  2. I love the shell necklace! xox

  3. It's so great that you volunteer. I loved doing it when I used to.
    Also, the bracelet is amazing. I can't believe you made it. Love it!!

    Sorry to hear about the depression. Check out this post: http://frillsnspills.blogspot.com/2011/01/repost-day-of-black-dog.html


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