Take me to the beach!

The weather's started to turn a little brighter and I found myself thinking more and more about the Summer, and about all the fun things I can look forward to; starting university, being able to take more photos, turning 21 and above all...going to the beach. One of my favourite past-times is heading down to the coast, and taking lots of photos as well as looking for starfish, anemones and much more. I just love the sea!

Here are my favourite seaside photos which I've taken in Cumbria. Hopefully this Summer my family and I can travel to another seaside area to get some more photos. Littlehampton's not too far from where we live, so that might be a good place to go to again this Summer, though it's also a childhood favourite because we've been going there since I was about 5!

Hope you're all well!


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