I miss...

It's finally the weekend and I was looking through my photo albums on my computer and got a little nostalgic for a few things. With the sunshine slowly returning to Milton Keynes and the chill nearly, almost gone from the air I'm starting to think about the Summer again and it always takes me back to Cumbria, time spent with my Nana and visiting my Grandparents in Devon. But there are a few things in particular that I miss the most when it gets cold and chilly, and as much as I love the Wintertime and Christmas, it can never replace these things.

1. Walking along St Bees beach watching dogs run along the shore, kids rock-pooling and rock-climbers and hikers tackling the tough, uphill walk along the cliff edge.

2. Watching my cousin play with the sand at the Ruislip Lido. Not only is it a place near to where I was born and spent about 7 years of my life, my cousin is one of the brightest, smartest 5 year old's I've met and already I see a lot of myself as a kid in her, which is weird but sweet at the same time.

3. Waking up each morning in Torquay to the sounds of seagulls and sheep.

4. Watching the horses gallop about in the fields near Nana's house.

5. Watching the bumblebees buzz about Mum's lovely blue tree in the garden. I'm always lucky to get photos because I daren't go too near them in case I annoy of them and get stung! But they are cute, for some odd reason. I like bees, but unfortunately I can't find a photo with them and the blue tree! :(

What things are you looking forward to about Summer?

I also want to send my thoughts and prayers out to Japan and all those affected by the massive 8.9 earthquake which struck today. It is a terrible tragedy and I hope that everyone is receiving the help they need to get back on their feet. My thoughts are with all who have been affected.

Pray for Japan.



  1. Looking forward to the flowers coming out in the garden and long bright evenings. Thoughts for Japan :(

  2. summer is all about sun for me and lazy days full of nothingness. my heart goes out to Japan too

  3. I think just getting some warmth in my bones. I'm so sick of being cold all the time :(

  4. Beautiful photos, it looks like a wonderful place to spend your holidays :) I always loved staying in my Granmother's house too, it's kind of like this - in the middle of the country surrounded by beautiful flowers and nature.

    I too feel for Japan, I think the whole world is feeling for them right now. It's been a terrible weekend for them and they have a long road ahead to try and rebuild their country. I guess all we can do from here is try to figure out ways of fund raising to help support them where we can.

  5. I agree - huge prayers for Japan and those poor people who are affected :(

    Gorgeous pics. I was born in Cumbria! Lovely blog post. I hope you had a lovely weekend! I think I'm looking forward to the sunshine's warmth hitting my face when I leave the house again :) Bliss :) ƸӜƷ Deb ƸӜƷ xxx

  6. i would defintiely like to go to the beach soon, and finally see some sun! :)

  7. I love your photos, the scenery is just so gorgeous. You're so lucky to be able to stay there and sort of call it home. I've always lived in a suburb in the Midlands so it's definitely very different.

    It's so incredibly sad about Japan. Words can't express how I feel when I see the news or read clips/videos off the internet, so harrowing. I guess you never know what's going to happen so we should never take life for granted.


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