Seashell Necklaces and Hand-Writing

After volunteering this morning I came home to find a parcel waiting for me which contained inside it, a letter and a shell necklace from the lovely Charlotte of t*rexes and tiaras. It's little things like that that cheer me up on a crappy day, so thanks Charlotte for putting me in a very good mood for the rest of the day. I was also greeted by blossoming trees, happy daffodils and lots of little yellow dandelions on my way home from volunteering and I'm really happy to see all of the flowers blooming.
The necklace that Charlotte sent me.

I also painted this volcanic landscape a few weeks ago but never got round to posting it on here until now. It looks like it's in an odd position because I had to place it somewhere where it would have natural light as my camera works best with the sunlight right on the object I want to photograph, and my flash is too bright to take a photo up close so that's why it's being balanced on Mum's twirly-whirly tea-light holder.
I'm fairly happy with the way it came out, although because I was stupid and decided to paint it in one go, some of the colour may have run a little, especially since I was also blending a lot of the colours to get it as close to realistic as possible. *sigh* Ah well!
My two red noses because my brother didn't want his :(
My Mum painted this for me yesterday. It's my name in Japanese with a cherry blossom tree and I love it. I've yet to hang it up though, but it's good because it's so small so it'll be easy to place.
I was tagged by Charlotte of t*rexes and tiaras to do this hand-writing tag and these are my answers in my big, curly hand-writing that goes all over the place, haha!

If you want to take part, all you have to is write these answers on a piece of paper to show on your blog.

1. Your name and blog name.
2. Blog's URL.
3. Write A quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog.
4. A quote.
5. Your favourite song.
6. Anything else you'd like to add.

Enjoy, have a great rest of the week and click the photos for a larger view.


  1. love your painting, its really good! The necklace is so pretty. Nice handwriting :)

  2. Oh what a pretty necklace. Char has such good taste in presents!

    I think you've got lovely handwriting, and how cute is that notepaper please?

  3. haha i wish i was a pirate too! glad the parcel arrived ok, and thanks for taking part in the tag :) xx

  4. I love your mums piccie! :) And your gorgeous photo's as always! I've tagged you for an award as I always love reading your blog so much :) xxx


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