Happy Easter!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Easter and I hope you all got lots of yummy chocolate eggs and are enjoying your weekends, with all the lovely sunshine we've been getting, including a swelteringly hot day yesterday where I had to walk around the house, spritzing myself with an old body spray bottle filled with cold water. At least the fan finally got to be used after sitting in the living room for weeks because of the freezing weather.

So here's my very own Easter well-wishing from my very own Easter bunny for all my followers!

And also thank you to my friend Megan for this cute Easter card

And to top it all off, these are the kinds of blue skies we've been having over the past few days, so today had been a lovely, blue sky Easter.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter everyone!


  1. awwww, sweet easter card. Loving the blue skies and hot weather, its perfect timing for the long weekend!

  2. Happy Easter!
    Thanks for following me I don't see you on my list though. Maybe you can try again?
    I am following you now.

  3. Happpy Easter! the card is just adorable and the clear blue skies even more so.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Easter day, honey!Thank you so much for your lovely comment!xoxo

  5. haha thanks bunny, thanks and hope you had a great one too :)

    Lydz xX

  6. Happy Easter! Love that cute handmade card lots. Thanks for visiting, I'm following you now. xxx


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