Happy Good Friday and Earth Day!

Hey everyone!

Happy Good Friday to everyone, I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Next door are having a BBQ with some friends and so far I've been doing some more reading in the sunshine, doing some gardening and watching Prince of Persia as at one point it was almost too hot to go outside!

What's everyone else been up to on this beautiful sunny day?

Today is also special to me because it's Earth Day, which is always celebrated on the 22nd of April, since 1970, and has been noted as the first mass-participation "green" initiative. The idea came from Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator who was inspired by the anti-Vietnam war events led by students that happened across the US and around the world in the late '60s.

Earth Day can be celebrated many ways, but here are just a few examples, and you can also go to the WWF's website to find out more.

1. Plant a tree.

It's a really simple one, and fairly easy to do I think. You could plant a sapling in your garden if you have the room and if not you could even plant a vegetable or a flower or any type of plant at all in homage.

2. Nature crafts

Another pretty simple idea, making birdhouses or bird feeders is a really simple and effective way to support your local wildlife as well as doing something creative and I don't think it would cost too much to do, you could even find an old birdhouse at a charity shop and give it a new lease of life by painting over it.

3. Learning more about the environment

Really easy and you don't need to spend hours on some doom and gloom global warming website. Small things like turning off lights and computers when not in use and not leaving the TV on stand-by can make a huge different to you as it'll save you money as well as saving your resources.

4. Reduce, re-use, recycle!

The old adage and one which everyone should live by. Not only can re-using old things save you money and time, but it'll also help to save the planet and reducing what you buy is another great way to save money and look after your resources and well everyone knows the benefits of recycling.

5. Wear green/brown for the day

For the fashionista out there, incorporating green or brown colours into an outfit is a fun and creative way tu support the cause. I wore my green cartoon leopard t-shirt today in honour of it!

So has anyone else been celebrating Earth Day?


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  1. Sadly I didn't even realise it was Earth day, let alone celebrate it... I have worn a green/turquoise dress today, so I have almost qualified as joining in.

  2. I'm with Sophie, I had no idea. I did empty my recycling bin today but nothing special.


  3. i want to pant a tree and start gardening :3

  4. I would love to say I celebrate religiously, but sadly no. Your post is how I found out. but i recenly went thrift shopping, reusing clothes! but I should for sure cut down on my computer time.

  5. Great post and happy easter. We had a lovely five day weekend here but unfortunately I had some work to do but it was still fun.


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