Summer Sunshine and Flowers

It seems Summer has truly arrived in my back garden as I went outside with my camera and managed to photograph these beauties yesterday.

I'm not quite sure what the names are of all the different flowers but I was very happy to see some colour returning to the garden. Patch also enjoyed having a run around in the garden and even though he looks thoroughly amused to see me there with a camera, he was lovingly tucked up in his little plant pot, enjoying the sunshine.

Mum also brought home the cutest packaged treats I've ever seen. The kancho ones were little biscuits filled with chocolate and of course the pocky were thin, pencil-shaped biscuits covered in what must have been strawberry yoghurt. I know that the majority of you will have tried the chocolate flavour, but I'm late to the pocky party, so forgive me for posting about them!

I hope everyone's having a brilliant weekend and I'm sorry for the picture heavy post!
Has anyone been up to anything interesting this weekend with the beautiful weather?


  1. Oh don't apologise for the photos! I love them! Isn't the weather utterly amazing? I've been shopping in it today!

  2. such pretty flowers. the colour is gorgeous. your a great photographer. I've had pocky before, so so gooood! love em

  3. great pictures, love all the flowers :)

  4. I love the little kancho things! I get them from a Japanese and Korean shop in Cardiff yum yum xx


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