The Cumbrian Hills

Today has been a rainy day, although it's quite nice to have a respite from the heat, though I'm missing the sunshine already. Looking back through some old photos I found some more mountain photos I took while on holiday in Cumbria, and it brought back a lot of memories so I thought I'd post them today to hopefully life your spirits on this rainy day and get you all thinking about the Summer!

Sorry this is a pretty short post, I'm currently on an A4E course and these 7am starts are getting to me. I used to have to get up at 6 in the morning, but that was at least 3 years ago! You're killing me Job Centre...
Hope your weeks are going well guys, look forward to Friday, it's Wednesday tomorrow!


  1. great pictures, bring back the sun!

  2. Amazing pictures! The rolling hills are so worthy of desktop wallpaper material!

  3. so calming and serene. great photos. and mr blue sky needs to fight mr grey sky to command the skies once again.

  4. beautiful photos, i want some sun now please:!! :)

  5. nice photos sorry ot hear about the early morning D: and thanks you for the letter i'll reply soon!

    i hope the early morning pay off!

  6. I cope well with early starts..I'd send you some of my early alertness if I could!

  7. eeep early mornings are a killer! These photos are so lovely, such gorgeous landscape x


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