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Hey everyone!

I found this poem today and I wanted to share it with you all, after walking through the park yesterday I was inspired by all of the green leaves, bumblebees and flowers. I can't believe that the whole place was covered in very thick snow just a few months ago. Time goes by so fast now, and I never thought I'd say that. My friend told me that university will go by, being the 3 quickest years of my life, and while that seems silly that it would go so fast now, it probably will do.

So here's the poem, and some photos from a walk through Ashridge with my Mum a few years ago.

As I ventured to the wood,
I stopped to draw on dewy air; let
Droplets shimmer in my hair, that
Rested on my tranquil head – as
In a sense of cosy bed.

As I ventured to the wood,
A gesturing cuckoo perched above,
And then in song with cooing dove,
‘You're welcome’, bade he, ’Enter please
To roam our land with gentle breeze.’

As I ventured to the wood,
A fallow deer of limpid eye
Gave care to glance at lucky I.
The heavenly aura 'bout her glow had
Charmed me, like a fine Bordeaux.

As I ventured to the wood,
A dazzling flower waved her face
In blazing show of dance and chase, and
Reddened bright in shade of dawn, she
Flirted like a prancing fawn.

As I ventured to the wood,
A butterfly had graced my arm,
And knowing I bid him no harm, he
Splayed for me hypnotic wing in
Colours for to urge me sing!

As I ventured to the wood,
The radiant sun shone down on me.
He flushed and beamed ‘I say to thee,
You bless your land; be filled with pride, and
Cherish e’er yon countryside!

Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk also gave me another blog award, so thank you very much, I can't believe I have 4 now! As with all the other blog awards they are to be passed onto others, so these are the 10 blogs I am awarding this to, it's hard to choose and I tried to give it to blogs I loved who didn't have this award already, so sorry to those who I couldn't award this to.

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Sorry if any of you have already received this.

Have a great weekend everyone!
And I did think Kate looked very pretty in her wedding dress, but the bridesmaids and the pageboys and the horses were my favourite parts about the ceremony, though I kind of drifted in and out of watching it.
Did you watch the ceremony?


  1. that is such a lovely poem, who is it by? love the pictures. deffo watched the wedding such a sap but i love me a good wedding! love the blog, just started following xxxxx

  2. I like the poem, its a proper rhymey one. Your pictures are lovely. The first and last are my favourites. I really enjoy a forest stroll.

  3. Oh thank you deary, it's such a lovely surprise<3 you always support me and you're always so sweet and kind, thank you so much for that^^
    And, i watched the ceremony, it was like a fairytale for the real life<3 oh and the phaetons and the ponies were just too magical to look at<3

  4. That poem is absolutely lovely, and as always your photos are stunning. The perfect accompaniment.

  5. Great poem and photos!
    Congrats on your award!

  6. a superbly written poem and photos. its to fitting with your photography of nature. congrats for the award and thank you so much! I did watch it, quite early in the morning but was worth every image of beauty it brought. she loooked incredible

  7. aww the first pic fits sooo well with the poem, congrats on your award :D

    Lydz xX

  8. lovely poem and the pictures are gorgeous!!

  9. The photos are so lovely, and so green! Ah, spring...

  10. Hi Natasha, sorry I haven't had a chance to call over and say thank you until now! Cheers for passing this lovely award onto me :) And gorgeous photos, it's almost that time of the year again when everything is back to being green and beautiful, I look forward to it so much.

  11. I adore poetry as you very well know. Congratulations on your award and how sweet of you to pass an award to the lovely bloggers above. XX


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