Blossoms on the trees and a spring in my step!

Hi everyone!

I've recently seen a couple of blog posts about different ways to cut back on spending too much money and there are some brilliant posts out there, and I thought I would add a couple of my own, especially as I think sharing things like this is a great way to save money.

I've got quite a few pen pals now and to save on continually buying new writing paper, I've actually started making it instead. There may be some odd edges and rough patches but the finished object is no different than other store bought writing paper and so far the ones I've sent out have gotten lots of good compliments. I tend to go down to Hobbycraft with my Mum and look for anything which has been reduced which could come in handy for adding to cards or paper, but recently I've taken to re-using old magazines too. Some of the fashion and make-up pages are set out really nicely and if you cut out certain bits they can make a really nice back-drop for a letter.

I've also been visiting the Library a lot more often as books tend to cost about £6.99 for a paperback now, but I managed to get four books for the price of £1.00 from the Library, and all of them were ones I had been searching for on Amazon and at Waterstones, so I was pleasantly surprised. I've also found that the Library gets a lot of new releases in pretty quickly, so if you're desperate to read a new best-seller but can't quite afford a new book, then it's probably worth checking the Library out first. And of course there's the old favourite of going to charity shops, dumps and vintage stores and up-cycling an old tray, chair, chest of drawers or even a piece of clothing so it looks good as new.

My Mum and Dad were also cutting old coke bottles in half and using them for gardening to create that greenhouse effect for seedlings. Another really effective and cheap idea to use, especially since we don't have a greenhouse either. I know these tips are probably not that new to everyone but I think it's good to share these things.

On another note, I got these photos from the garden yesterday. Mum's wild-flowers are finally blooming. I also promise I'll blog more regularly from now on!
Click on the photo for a larger view.

Mum's wildflowers :)

The lavender's finally come back out to play!

And here's the coke bottles as mini-greenhouses

I hope everyone had a good Tuesday!


  1. beautiful pictures. how resourceful, I think hitting the library for books is a great idea. making your own paper, wow what a self-sufficient feat!

  2. Lovely post to read. I really ought to join the local library and take a look there. The flowers all look very pretty, how sweet.


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