Guest Posting!

Hi everyone!

Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk asked me to write a guest post on her blog, so if you want to read it here is the link, and let me know what you think about it. I always love meeting new bloggers and this is my first guest-post so it's been a lot of fun to do and I would recommend following Sophie's blog because she has a lovely blog, posting a mixture of fashion, gardening and cooking so it's really interesting to read and she's a lovely blogger to talk to as well, so an added bonus.

I realised I haven't been doing my This Month I Heart, so to compensate, here's a list of my favourite things at the moment, and I promise to get back on track with that featured post.

I also painted this little wooden box for my jewellery. It doesn't look fantastic but I had fun doing it. I'm thinking of adding something else to it, any thoughts?



  1. What a lovely selection of items to look at! I love the wateraid collection, I really like them (the charity and the clothes) so am thinking of buying one or two items from it!

  2. The Water Aid collection is beautiful isn't it? Much more my style than the eco-friendly one they did last month - it was all very pretty but all so white! I can't wear stuff that pale for fear of getting it covered in dirt so all the blue stuff is much better.

  3. H&M are actually really good with CSR and the Water Aid collection is another great one and such a good cause too! The jewellery box you painted is cute!

  4. I looooove horror stories too, I think I own every single book Stephen King has ever written :oP

    Also... Etsy is oh so dangerous for the bank account. I love that you can find near on everything there, no matter how quirky

  5. I work for H&M and you're right the water aid collection is a great thing :) x

  6. WOW! I love those clothes, and that organization!


  7. I love Sophie's blog, so I'll definitely be checking out the guest post. I love H&M's water aid collection as well. It's really pretty.

  8. Horror stories are definitely amazing, especially the ones that are just plain creepy. Still can't read them before bed though without leaving the light on after... Probably should grow up a bit haha x


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