Hi ho, hi ho, It's off to the forest we go!

Hey everyone!

Today Mum and I decided to take a trip out and drove down to the New Forest, where we saw lots of lovely ponies, picked up some pine-cones to take home, walked along paths lined with scrub-land, saw a very cute little bird and bunnies and had a coke together at a cute Inn. This is what sunny weekends were made for!

I was happy to be going out, haha.

The drive up was hilarious as we were reading the directions from the AA route planner which is never a good idea considering the last time we did this, on the way to a place called Clent's Hill, which for some odd reason didn't seem to exist no matter how many times we drove past the supposed area where it was meant to be, we got there with plenty of time to spare! There were lots of cute little pine-cones dotted about, gorse and bracken covered in yellow flowers and lots of birds flapping about.

And of course, my favourite reason to visit this place


Though some of the photos may look a little overcast and cloudy, the weather was actually really good and it was nice to get out for a change. It's one of the things I always really look forward to about the summertime; going out more often with my family.


  1. sounds like a lovely day out. your pictures are so cute. The pony pics are great. I'm frightened of wild ponies!

  2. such a pretty place, what great way to spend any day

    Lydz xX

  3. This sounds like such a lovely day out and what a beautiful place. Love your pictures.

  4. enchanting landscape. the ponies are adorable. excursions with the family are always great and sure to produce some laughs!

  5. I absolutely love impromptu days out - don't you always end up having the best fun on random trips?

    I really want to go to the New Forest. Anywhere with ponies get my vote basically.

  6. I LOVE the new forest! So jealous!

  7. nice photos :3 it must have been nice to go out with ur mum :) i wish I could ahve seen the cute bunnies with u :3

  8. Looks like it was a lovely day out with your mum, loving the photos. My mum is not one for the outdoors so this would never happen haha!

  9. What a great day you must have had! Love the photos too. Thank you for the comment on pour blog:)


  10. Tasha, I have the memory of a fish at the moment and can't remember if I sent you the link to the photo scavenger hunt or not! In case I didn't, it's:


  11. I've never been but it is somewhere I would like to visit, lovely pictures :)


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