It's Friday!

Just a quick post today to say, yay it's finally the weekend and being in the UK this weekend has the added bonus of being another bank holiday, so to all the UK readers, enjoy yourselves! To everyone else, enjoy your weekends and I hope you've all got something fun planned. This weekend has gardening and sending off some handmade presents for my cousin and hopefully a mini trip out maybe, please Mum, pretty please?

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?

This song always gets me going for the weekend. I've got very eclectic music taste. Heavy metal one day, hip hop the next haha.

Next door neighbour's garden have got some lovely poppies blooming, I managed to get one photo but it's not that great :(


Sorry this isn't a better picture.

Take care all!


  1. awh cute poppies :3 I dont think I've ever seen them irl :( I wish I lived near you! you seem to have a nice scenery :3

    I just have industry an a drug den across my house ^^; XD

  2. Whatever you end up doing, have a lovely weekend x

  3. Hope you have a great long weekend. And hopefully tomorrow will be great weather!


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