The holidays are in sight!

Thanks for the tips on how to rejuvenate the Californian Lilac tree/bush so hopefully it'll get back to health again.

As I logged into Facebook and Twitter today I noticed a lot of posts about breaking up for Summer, holidays, finishing university (some of my friends have completed their degrees, which is very scary as I am just about to start mine) and generally looking forward to more sun-soaked adventures, so I wanted to share some summery music, in some hopes that if the weather where you are is not particularly May-esque weather (I don't know if that's a proper phrase) can brighten your day.


My personal favourite at the moment. I can't believe I've only just found out about Tame Impala, they're really good.

P.S - I checked out Athene Noctua's shops over at her blog and ordered a bracelet and a ring, which are both absolutely beautiful, fit wonderfully and look lovely and I wanted to thank Rebecca for sending them so quickly and packaging them so nicely too.

Here are the photos -



  1. ♡ Loving the music :) And that jewellery is SOOO cute! it will look fab on you!! :D Aw thank you so much for the award hun :) :) Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you I wasn't well. Hope you are good :) ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ

  2. Hello! I loved your post at Sophie's blog! Wow, love the photos, especially the ladybird! I totally relate to this idea of reverting to the same subjects of blogging and your solution for it! The thing which inspires me most is nature! Great post! Nice to visit!

  3. That bracelet is fab - reminds me of sweeties.

    I've just made a summery playlist on my ipod and have realised I'm seriously lacking in good summer songs. It will never do!

  4. The ring is really really nice, and the bracelet seems made with sweets and candies! I love it :)
    Thanks for the songs you posted, it's a nice opportunity to discover new groups or new kinds of music! Plus, summery music is always my favourite! :)

  5. I totally miss that feeling of "YES IT'S FINALLY SUMMER VACA!!!". especially since rainy season just started here. I need to get my butt back to Hawaii so I can enjoy these songs of yours :( and Sugar Ray!! I haven't heard of them in soooooo long. Might just grab some of their songs later tonight :)


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