Rainy Days

I know that technically I can't really say April showers any more, but the rain that fell over the weekend inspired me to take some photos of the flowers and the plants all covered in raindrops. I've never really thought of photography during the rain, as normally my camera lens tends to get covered with raindrops and creates a blur on some of the photos, which I unfortunately discovered while on holiday in Cumbria, where some sea-water ended up on the lens, resulting in several photos being cropped to get rid of the blur.

The rain created some beautiful images with droplets all over the pansies and the chives' flowers, as well as Mum's fuchsia plants, which have just started blooming. Though not everyone likes the rain, it is great for the garden, especially since the grass hasn't been growing as well due to the hot weather we had back in April. It will be weird not having a garden to go into when I leave for university, so I'm taking any opportunity I can get to spend some time in the garden before I leave.

As always, click the photos for a larger view.

How did everyone spend the long weekend?

Quick question - At volunteering I was asked if I could think of any other ways to advertise the NAGC's workshops which are run normally for kids during half-terms and other school holidays. They've already tried the schools, newspapers and radio but if any of you can come up with some creative and inexpensive ways to advertise these workshops that would be great. Their website is here if you want to find out more about the charity.


Foxgloves growing in our neighbour's garden.


  1. I love the droplet pictures! they're so beautiful. I always hate rain but seeing these pictures gives me a different view on them :) your pictures are always so refreshing

  2. Rain at last, it was much needed! I love your pictures, the raindrops make everything look so different.

  3. Lovely pearly raindroppy pictures - I hate to say it but we still need a bit more of the wet stuff around here - everything's drying up!

  4. You take such beautiful photos!! I love the droplets


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