Wildflower Sunday (Photo Heavy)

Hi everyone,

I'm finally feeling a little better and wanted to share these photos with you all. Last Sunday I took a well overdue walk to the park and found my spirits lifted by looking at the lovely wildflowers. There were flowers of all different colours from yellow and red to purple and dark blue. I even manged to get a photo of one of the honeybee's collecting pollen from the flowers, which I've never been able to photograph before because they're so fast. It was so nice to see the park awash with colour again as during the Autumn and Winter the council, or whoever looks after the park, digs up the old wildflowers and plants new ones for next year.

The skies were nice and clear, the trees were fresh and green with new leaves and there were families with little kids, boys on their skateboards, people on the swings and couples walking their dogs. I always forget we have a park pretty much on our doorstep. Walking through the park always makes me feel better so from now on, if I ever feel low again I'll go for a walk to clear my mind. I've also been making a few more bracelets and a new pair of earrings, which I'll post on the blog in the next few days.

Also, quick question, has anybody ever tried selling old Beanie Babies online before? Which sites have you had the best luck with?

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!



  1. Love the pictures, what a lovely flower field, some photo's there would be amazing <3 x

  2. i think you can just go to your NHS clinic and ask for one.

  3. I adore these pretty wild flowers. I've not come across a field of mixed wild flowers like that. Glad they brightened your day :)

  4. What a riot of colour! We were out walking today and all the wildflowers were stunning. Poppies are everywhere and they're just so beautiful.

  5. I think a walk in the park always helps gloominess (even if it can't cure it), the amount of pretty parks is one of the things I really love about living in this country. hope things get better for you.

  6. Oooh I love all the colour! I love taking photos of flowers, the colours are unreal sometimes :)

  7. Beautiful photos!! I'm glad to hear your spirits have been lifted a bit! A walk in the sunshine enjoying nature always picks me up too.

  8. Breath-taking photos! They are so beautiful- I love wild flowers- ever since we had a wild-flower patch in my garden as a child! So gorgeous!!! They really brighten my day too and I'm glad they inspired you!

  9. So so glad to hear you're feeling better Natasha! Summer has a way of lifting one's spirits. The clear skies, flowers and chirping birds may have something to do with it. Love the photo of the sky and clouds above. Captured something similar earlier today.
    Hope this feeling sticks and that you only get better and better. x

  10. These are such lovely pics, like mini meadows in the middle of the park! I know what you mean about walking through the park to clear your head...I thnk anywhere green is a good place to think :) x

  11. Wowo great photographs! I am now following you, the flowers are so pretty!

  12. So glad you are feeling better! looking forward to more posts.
    Thank you for the comment on our blog:)

    We want you to know we have a new website.

    and we hope you continue to follow and visit us.

    since we are not part of blogger anymore you can follow on Bloglovin.

    Valerie and Camilla

  13. wow, these are all so stunning! i love the oranges and reds and yellows. where i live the wildflowers are blue bonnets and indian paintbrushes. it is cool to see the wildflowers in another part of the world :) xoxo

  14. love all the beautiful flowers!


  15. It's good to see another post from you and I'm pleased you have been feeling a bit better. Your pictures are lovely and taking a walk through beautiful scenery is such a great way to feel better.


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