A wish...

Hi everyone,

With the weather looking so gloomy lately it's no surprise I feel like booking a ticket and either jumping on a boat and sailing across crystal clear blue waters to the Caribbean or getting on a plane to fly out to Italy to bask in the sunshine there. I don't particularly mind the rain myself, but waking up each morning to grey clouds and strong winds when all you want is sunshine and a cool breeze can be pretty disheartening.

So to cheer myself up I've made a list of my Top 10 Favourite Things About Summer in the hopes that if the weather where you are isn't exactly tropical, you can still dream and look forward to warmer weather.

1. Garden Parties

One of the best things about warmer weather is the fact you can really make use of your garden, invite your friends and family over and enjoy yourself! All it takes is some fairy lights and lanterns as the sun sets and food and drink.

2. Falling Asleep With the Window Open!

One of my favourite things about Summer is being able to sleep with the window open. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like not having fresh air flowing through the house so when Winter rolls around it's always horrible not to be able to open the windows.

3. Holidays

Fairly obvious and probably the best thing about Summer!

4. Long Daylight Hours

One of the things I always loved as a kid was being able to walk around in the garden at 8 o'clock and it still be light.

5. Long Car Journeys

Driving around with the window down and music blaring will always be one of my favourite things about this time of year.

6. Cool, Ice-Cold Drinks

Whether you drink alcohol or fizzy and squash like myself, then I'm sure everyone can agree that for some reason drinks always seem to taste better when they're poured over ice with a straw sticking out of the top. It's also the only way I can seem to cool down after working out during the hotter days, when even the fan can't keep me cool!

7. The Beach

Whether it's walking or running along it, or as I discovered on holiday in Cumbria, yoga on the beach, it's one of the most relaxing and inviting places to be at when the sun is high in the sky and the skies are clear.

8. That Carefree Attitude

When it's a really nice, sunny day outside, everyone seems to be happier and more relaxed. Maybe it's to do with the way the body reacts to the sunlight, with the increased levels of vitamin D which apparently effects the amount of oxygen your blood can transport around the body making you more alert and gives you a sense of wellbeing.

9. Sunglasses, sunhats and sandals

The way people dress when the weather gets warmer has always been one of my favourites too. People seem to indulge more in colour and floaty fabrics and patterns and there's a much more relaxed vibe compared to Winter wear.

10. The Sun!

While I love Winter and all of the things it brings, there's something really nice about sitting out in the garden with the sun on your face and breeze in the air.

I hope my list has brightened your day in some way, especially if you've been having a crappy day or have just not been feeling yourself, like I have today, then I hope this has helped because sometimes when I'm having a really awful day or just not feeling good, I've come onto blogger before and read some brilliant posts and instantly felt better.

And, my owl ring arrived today from life little's shop over at Etsy. They've got lots more designs if you're interested here.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday evenings everyone!


  1. The weather seems to be clearing up, so I loved reading this list. I love being more carefree in the summer, and I love garden parties.

  2. We had a work meeting sitting outside in the sunshine today - blissful!

  3. Oh so dreamy, those are definitely some of my favourite things about the Summer too. I'm totally in the mood and this gets me even more excited about my impending trip to HK next month! Yay!

  4. Well said with all those things about summer. :)

  5. Gorgeous ring! I think going for long walks along the beach on balmy nights would have to be my absolute favourite thing about summer

  6. Love the owl ring :] I wish our garden was maintained enough to justify showing it off to friends haha. A weekend project perhaps.

  7. It's been quite glorious here so I can't fully complain. I've been falling asleep with the window open quite often. Hope you're able to do so soon along with everything else summer brings.


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