Fuchsia Flowers

I've been busy this week sorting out my student finance and my passport, so apologies if it's taken me some time to reply to comments etc. Sorting everything out for university is not as straight forward as I'd thought at first. I've been in the garden a lot lately but Mum's fuchsia plants seem to be wilting now we're in July (my birthday month - ee!) But the rockery plants have finally bloomed and as I'm typing this I can see the sweet pea flowers outside too, so photos of those will follow shortly!

I know this one's quite gritty, but I was trying to capture the reflection of the sky a few days ago on the windows. Very happy to get this in the end!

I love it when the sky turns this colour. The mix of pink, orange and blue is amazing, I think.

Next door's cat loves to play with these long tufts of grass. I just pull them up and it's hours of fun for me and him, haha! Sadly, the grass is all short now as it's just been mowed. The poor guinea-pig's are having to cope with little nibbles now.

The rockery plant flowers! This is the first time they've ever flowered so me being the big nerd I am, got all excited and took a photo.

Mum's fuchsia flowers! There were so many of them too, and they were all lovely and pink. It was really nice to stand in the sunshine as well for this photo. Hopefully next summer these flowers will be as bright and pink.

Does anybody else enjoy gardening or photographing flowers? I know it's probably the most common thing in photography to talk about but I always find each little detail on every plant and flower mesmerizing, especially when you get a really good up close and personal photo.

I hope you're all having a good week guys!


  1. I love looking at the plants in the garden but I take terrible pictures! I just love seeing them in real life.

  2. great photos love the second photo the sky looks amazing!


  3. i mowed our garden the other day and actually enjoyed it.

  4. you have such an eye for capturing scenerey. the second photo with the brilliant mix of light is wonderful. hope all the uni stuff gets sorted out

  5. that sky pic is like a very very weak version of what our sky is like EVERY DAY. I'm such a baby I couldn't cope with your crap weather!

  6. What lovely photos :) I haven't forgotten I still have stuff to send you...life = chaos! xo

  7. I agree... lovely sky !
    Regards from France,


  8. Nice photos great fuchsia mine are just starting to go over now.


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