Stripes, paws and claws - Photo Heavy

Yesterday I went to West Midland's Safari Park with my family and had a fantastic day feeding the giraffes, the red deer and the blackbuck antelope. We saw sea-lions swimming around and staring intently at my mascarpone ice-cream, baby meerkat's cuddling up to their Mum and sitting in the sunshine, a rhino running home for his food, two African wild dog's trying to escape their home by running into the separating partition's, barbary sheep and reindeer wandering about on the road's, posing cheetahs, North American wolves running about and white tigers and white lions looking graceful and regal.

I was also amazed at the giant cricket, bird-eating spider, giant stick-insect, crocodiles, cayman and the sheer size of the boa constrictors. There was even a snake swallowing a mouse - whole! It never fails to cheer me up seeing these amazing creatures, all the different colours and patterns on their coats and skin and getting up close and personal with some animals that normally you'd never have the chance to. The camels were friendly, the hippos were happily lazing about, the ostriches were watching us people like we'd watch them and the red deer were dainty and sweet. All in all, a wonderful day.

Enjoy the photos and click for a larger view.
I hope everyone's enjoyed their weekend and your week gets off to a good start.

This cute baby camel was calling out for his Mum while we were driving past. 

Red Lechwe. Very pretty!

White tiger. Absolutely stunning!

A sleeping bubba meerkat!

White lion

Sleepy Cheetah

Barbary sheep, saying hi to all the cars in the park
Funny face camel

A very friendly reindeer

Gorgeous blackbuck deer. Lovely and dainty. These little beauties took some food from the palm of my hand.

Mr Meerkat!

Beautiful green snake

Asian Rhino grazing

North American Timber Wolves. The most active I've ever seen them!

Majestic white tiger.

I think these guys were the Axis deer, though I can't be sure. One of them was kind enough to pose for me though!

More photos tomorrow.


  1. Great animal shots. Love the white tiger! The reindeer looks to have enormous feet!


  2. I love this post and your blog so much.)) You have a talant *-)

    I need your help...
    A few days ago I got my Ipad. Do you have Ipad? What programs do advise to download?

  3. glad the excursion with the family to see all the animals was fun! great animal shots, they seem like very cooperative subjects :) great photos.


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