Today is my birthday...

So Wednesday was my birthday and I went to see Harry Potter at the cinema. I really enjoyed it and two of my friends turned up to see exactly the same showing as my parents and I so they came and sat with me, which was really nice. Weird how some things turn out! Today I went to the safari park as well, and photos will follow in a later post.

I wanted to thank Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk for sending me a parcel that had a scarf, lip-gloss and a necklace inside as well as a card. Thank you for that Sophie, it was a surprise but nice. My close friend Megan also came round and dropped another present off for me which had a bookmark, a bag and a mobile phone sock and charm inside. The mobile phone sock has my name on it! My Mum also got me a little gift cake with butterflies on and a scented candle that smells of cotton, as well as some flowers!

A couple of photos are missing (flowers and the mobile phone sock) so this will come some other time.

The scarf Sophie sent me

Wearing the necklace Sophie got me

The necklace

The bag Megan got me

My birthday cake

The bookmark Megan got me

The scented candle Mum got me

And the lip-gloss Sophie got me

I hope everyone's having a good weekend!


  1. Happy birthday! your cake looks simply adorable. adore the scarf and bag.

  2. well happy birthday to you!! looks like you had a good one!! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  3. Happy belated, Natasha! That birthday cake looks delicious as much as its incredibly adorable :)

    ♡, Rosa T.

  4. Haaaappy Biiirthdaaay to yoou !

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day - it certainly sounds like you did!

  6. and people say the internet is a cauldron of antagonism.

  7. Happy Birthday, Natasha! You've had some lovely presents and I'm very envious of the West Midlands Safari Park trip, I live there and I've never been.
    Have a wonderful year ahead. xxx

  8. So glad you had a lovely birthday. All your family and friends seem to have excellent taste. Those presents are all beautiful.


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