Up and Down Week

This week's been tinged with sadness, first with the realisation that over 10 million people in Somalia and surrounding areas are desperate for food and water after a state of famine was declared last Wednesday after the drought which has swept across Africa; second with the tragic events which have occurred in Norway where 91people were killed both due to shootings and a bomb; and third the death of Amy Winehouse. 

All of these events are extremely shocking, but I was so disappointed with the number of people comparing which incidents were more important. Any death is a sad and terrible loss and time for the friends and family of the victims and those involved, and seeing some of the downright cruel and nasty things being posted on Twitter and Facebook, I was shocked and disgusted with the way people are treating this. All I have to say on the matter is; that my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of both the drought in Africa and the massacre in Norway, and my thoughts and prayers are also with the friends and family of Amy Winehouse too.

So to lighten the mood, I have some photos from my stay with Nana this past week.
I hope you enjoy them and as always, click the photo for a larger view!

One of the 3 squirrels we saw eating the nuts in the tree right outside my Nana's house

A squirrel reaching for a nut, sorry if this one's blurry

Nana and I even visited the Air Field briefly and saw several planes take off and land

Nana's mini-garden as she doesn't have a proper garden, but she makes the most of the patch of grass outside her house by planting these lovely, coral pink flowers

Some gorgeous white flowers I found while out walking with Nana

Waiting for Nana on her porch in the blue scarf she gave me, thank you Nana!

Some pretty buttercups we found while walking, in the same place the white flowers were!

Sitting in the sunshine with Nana, topping up on vitamin D

Another photo of the airfield and the lovely, blue skies overhead

Some lovely blackberries we found on this huge blackberry bush

Amazing, jungle-like plants at this cute,little gardens we walked through with my Nana and my Uncle. They had similar plants at the Gardens of Heligan too.

Lovely purple flowers blooming in the field we walked through with Nana


  1. that is horrible to even fathom ranking death, death is terrible regardless. on the brighter side of things, the pictuers of so many natural goodies are marvelous, the coral flowers, the fields and blackberries. glad you had a good time at your nana's, you look lovely.

  2. Lovely, lovely photos. Blue really suits you, Nanas always know best!
    Any untimely death is a tragedy but when it's a young person it's desparately sad.
    I'm fortunate to only have caring and kind friends who would never make a joke about someone's passing. x

  3. just to play devil's advocate, it's often a defense mechanism to react with humor rather than compassion.

  4. sending you much loveeeeee x

  5. Tasha you look gorgeous in that blue scarf picture! Your nan is an excellent present-giver. It suits you so well.

    I think some people just can't seem to respond to anything tragic without having to compare it to something. Human beings should be capable of being sad about more than one thing without having to rank them.

  6. Lovely pictures, I love finding wild flowers.

  7. It seems really harsh for people to compare these things. For as I try to tell people when they are telling me of their difficulties and they try to trivialise the problems in their lives and say that 'others are much worse off thatn me'- whatever problems you are going through, they are hard for you and just because someone ostensibly seems to be going through something much worse, doesn't make it easier for you (the person I might be saying this to). Similarly, any tragedy or hardship is horrid and difficult to bear depending on who you are and the situation you are in etc and so every situation or plight is just as difficult. What I am very clumsily trying to say is that I quite agree with you! (I had no idea about what has been happening in the world as I have been so busy, I haven't seen the news for a week or so but gosh, can't believe so many things have happened!)
    Anyway, Gorgeous photos! I love the squirrel shots but most of all, I LOVE how vibrant your hair is (Ihave secretly always longed to be a bonnafide true red head like you!)

  8. Wow what a redhead you are, great colour! You're quite right, death is death anywhere and should be respected the same way. Nana visits are always awesome aren't they? I still love going to see mine too.xx.

  9. A tragedy is a tragedy and I don't think it's right to compare these things either. Beautiful photos as always, how great are Nannas hey? You're lucky to e able to spend such lovely quality time with yours. Looks like you had a great time :o)

  10. Yeah this whole weekend's news was one depressing report after another. Actually this whole year has got me extending myself to numerous charities, it feels like the least i can do.

  11. I couldn't agree more and I think it's shameful. Of course the death of someone who is hugely famous is going to get a lot of news coverage. The loss of any life is sad and I think it's unseemly to even talk about which incident should get more media coverage. Couldn't agree more with you and also enjoyed the pics, esp the squirrel.

  12. A picture of you and purple flowers always seem to brighten my days. I agree with Elliot. It's a shameful situation.

  13. i have to agree, too much negativity in the news nowadays. your pics are so fresh and uplifting tho, so thank you for that. buttercups are my faves! even though i THINK theyre classified as weeds technically.. haha

    ♡, Rosa T.

  14. Wonderful photos.

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