Creepy Crawler

Yesterday I posted about West Midland's Safari Park and showed you a few photos, and because I love the animals so much I wanted to show you all of them, rather than a select few. So this post is going to be all about the bugs! So if you're squeamish and don't like creepy crawlies, look away now.

You can't see him very well but this is an assassin Bug. He's perched right on the side of the log of wood to the left side. To see a more detailed photo of an assassin bug, go here.

A giant cockroach. Sorry this photo is blurry, the glass and lighting don't work well in my cameras favour.There were hundreds in this single tank and several other tanks filled with them. Amazing how large they can get.

Giant Cricket! There are apparently only four species, all found on the island of Hawaii. Interesting fact - One species is found only in lava tubes on the Island of Hawaii.

Giant Stick Insect. I was looking for ages to see where it was and he was hanging upside down from a branch about the same thickness as the insect himself! Amazing.

As if all the other insects weren't enough, a little shield bug turned up at the meerkat enclosure :) I couldn't resist taking a photo of him too.

Tarantula! Interesting fact - There is a species of wasp called the tarantula hawk that feeds on tarantulas. I can safely say I don't really want to encounter one of these in my lifetime, I don't like wasps at the best of times.

Has anybody ever been brave and held a tarantula before?
I've only ever held one once and that was back at middle school as a friend of mine's Mum used to keep them as pets. While I'm not scared of spiders I don't know if I'd keep one myself. I did go through a phase of wanting a corn snake and a little Chilean rose tarantula but the thought of them both escaping and running riot in the house used to make my parents on edge, haha! 
Does anybody have/had exotic pets?
We used to have 3 giant African land snails but they're very easy to keep.

I hope everyone's week has gotten off to a good start!


  1. I'm not so fond of insects! They are a bit creepy. I do not like the look of the giant cricket, alarming!

  2. That's really creepy, but nice pic.

  3. bahhhh I could NEVER hold a tarantula! Eeep! x

  4. I hope you had a great time there. The spider looks so incredibly scary I could never hold one. No exotic pets for me, just my little kitty but some of our family friends have a pet snake.

  5. oh i squeamed a bit, but my friend has snakes and they were pretty fun to look and hold :) I think holding a spider would be too scary for me XD

  6. although they dont make me quite cringe, they are slightly creeepy nonetheless. I only kept traditional goldfish, rabbit and dog pets, nothing out of the ordinary :)

  7. Oh man. Even looking at pictures of tarantulas freaks me out!!

  8. Urgh! I feel all itchy!!!!! NO NO NO to the taratula!!!!


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