A Different Festival Experience

With the summer being the prime time for festival-ling (my new word) I thought I'd go in search for the more alternative festival experiences for a bit of fun and to inspire you and cheer you up if, like me, you're not going to a festival this year. There's always next year! I've never actually been to a festival before but there's a huge part of me that wants to at least drop into Glastonbury before I die. It just looks like so much fun!

First up is the Edinburgh Art Festival which runs from the 4th of August - 4th September. Now I've only ever popped into the Tate Modern gallery and it's something I've always wanted to go to, a proper art exhibition. I love drawing and painting and loved art while at school and having an artist in the family means I'm even more interested! I would love to go to something like this at some point. It's a little bit of culture, a bit of creativity and a lot of inspiration.

This is my favourite piece so far from the selection of photos on the Guardian website. It's called Rattlesnake Figure by Thomas Houseago. 

Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival

Photo from the Sea Shanty website

Once a year this amazing maritime festival involves shanty singing pirate look-a-likes coming together in Falmouth to enjoy a brilliant day of singing and fancy dress. Started in 2003, it was founded to help create funds for the RNLI, and it still does today, so it's a festival with a conscience. I love pirates any time of the year so this just seems like the best fun ever, and who hasn't ever wanted to be a pirate, at least once? There are some brilliant photos on their flickr here. Avast ye land lubbers!

Wayne Hemingway's Vintage Festival

Dance lessons at the Rock n' Roll Bar, via the Guardian website.

For all of you vintage fans out there, this amazing festival boasts style, crafts and stalls selling music, clothing and accessories from the 1920's onwards. It's a thrifter's paradise! You can browse for some retro memorabilia and bargains or just soak up the nostalgia. I really want to go to this one! This one ran from 29th - 31st July 2011. Next year's dates should be available on the website in due course.

The Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye, Wales.

A brilliant written on sign-post at the Hay festival, taken from the Guardian website.

My top one to go to in the next few years. Three words. Books, books, and more books! Hay Festival showcases old and new talent from authors like Marcus Sedgwick, who was there this year to finding vintage authors and book titles that you may never have discovered before, Hay is the best festival for a book-lover, and from what I've seen the village even has whole shops dedicated to certain genres of book. Wow. The Hay Festival runs from 31st May to 10th June next year, 2012.

So there's four interesting and varied festivals for you. Of course no one can forget the big ones such as Glastonbury or Reading but I wanted to show some of the other, different types of festival you can get.

Does any one know of any other odd/quirky/fun/alternative festivals outside of the UK?

Hope you're all having a brilliant week, and if things aren't going that well or life is crappy at the moment, then just think of next weekend, or an up and coming holiday or something nice to look forward to.

Take care everyone


  1. The Pirate Festival looks awesome! Might have to go one year :) x

  2. We should go to the Hay together!

  3. I never knew so many festivals were dedicated to such a variety of genres. the vintage and book one would be must see's for me, if I was in the UK.

  4. I like the look of the pirates festival!

  5. damn, i wish i had known about that hay festival. i might have gone.

  6. Hm, maybe it's time I take my girlfriend out on another date to an art gallery.

  7. :-)
    Greetings from France,


  8. Sea Shanty Festival?!?! AWESOME

  9. I really must go to the Hay festival at some point soon. Love that place.

    I'm off to Edinburgh for the fringe festival in a couple of weeks and am very excited. There's so much going on there - practically impossible to narrow it down to the handful of things we've got time for.

    I've heard very mixed things about the vintage festival, both last year and this. Seems fun from the point of view of the casual attendee but all the volunteers and stallholders have been treated terribly and the organisation does not sound at all good. Sad, because it has the potential to be something brilliant.

  10. Thank you for your nice comment :) I like your blog so much cause it's packed with interesting info and I am following you too !


  11. I LOVE Hay, I have been for the past 3 years. I only look around the festival site for an hour or so then head in to the town which is so beautiful. I always come home with a sack of books x

  12. I do love a festival, I just got back from one yesterday. x

  13. Ooh these sound great! esp the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival. The vintage and book fest look fab! I love Hay on wye so much- I've been to the town/village at least 7 times when on outdoor pursuits holidays as a teenager but never been to the festial. must must!!! There used to be a great book shop there which didn't charge you for the books but for the size of carrier-bag and whatever you could fit into it was yours! I remember buying a £5 carrier bag and stuffing 7 doctor who books into it which would have cost £5 a piece elsewhere! And yes. there are themed book shops according to genre! It's an amazing place!!!!! I'd love to go to the festival!

  14. looks like a happy time festivalling ;)

    xox ♡, Rosa T.


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