Dreaming of the ocean!

This week's been a mixture of ->
  • Ringing up the Student Finance team and then running around freaking out like a headless chicken because I still haven't received any of my forms back yet.
  • Trying to judge which way the weather wants to go today like some odd roulette game you might find in Vegas - Is it gonna be rainy or sunny today? Place your bets!
  • Meeting up with friends for a drink (Pepsi for me, I don't drink) and laughing at old school memories and the funny people we've known.
  • Rediscovering my old Pokemon cards to be sold and my old Jurassic Park duvet cover, which is not being sold but may well come with me to university. Nostalgia ensued.
  • And dreaming about white, sandy beaches while listening to The Sea by Morcheeba.
 I hope you enjoy the photos below, none of them belong to me but are all from imgfave. All credit to the respective owners, but they've been the subject of my dreams this past week.
Anyone have a spare ticket they want to kindly bestow on me? ;)

I hope your weeks and weekends have all been fun and interesting. I can't believe that next week is the last few days of August! 


  1. I'm not ready to wave goodbye to the summer yet :(
    Hope your forms turn up soon!

  2. Student Loans Company is still awful then? Honestly, I don't know how they get away with being so terrible! Fingers crossed you get it all sorted out soon.

  3. life's a bit hectic as school resurrects and summer dies.... (sigh). hopefully all settles smoothly and starts resembling these beautiful pictures.


  4. These pictures are so stunning, I especiall love the first one. I can definitely relate to point no 1 that you wrote about!

  5. Beautiful pictures! They make me pleased that our summer is coming soon! Also, Jurassic Park Duvet cover?! Awesome!!!

  6. stunning pics. Thanks for coming over to my blog before, lots of love!


  7. Oooh lovely collection of pictures! :)



  8. Oh I can hardly believe it's the 1st September as I write this...where on earth has the summer gone? Hope you have better luck with the student loans company, man they are a nightmare!


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