So no one told you it don't matter where the road leads!

It's not too long before I go off to university in September and I'm trying to enjoy every moment I've got. There are still so many things I really need to do before I go, I'm running out of time! I've been spending a lot of time in my garden lately as when I leave I won't have access to a garden at all! :'( *weeps* But I do know that Bath Spa University does apparently, according to their website, have their own grounds which is pure countryside to walk around in, so I'll be out every morning for a stroll.

And while I am really looking forward to the move, nothing will compare to home as the saying goes, it's where the heart is and of course I will miss so much about it.

I'll miss my bubbas, Patch on the left and Smudge.

I'll miss next door's cat, Prince, and his daily visits to our garden. Though he's not our cat, it sometimes feels like he is because he's so prevalent. ^_^

I'll miss lying down on the grass in the garden, catching the sun.

I'll miss walking through this archway every day on the way to volunteering :(

I'll miss walking to the park and seeing this tree with yellowy-green trees.

I'll miss seeing all the different insects in the garden.

And of course, I'll just miss the garden overrall!

But I am super excited about university so all the things I'll miss will just be sweeter when I come back home at Christmas time :D
Hope you all have a brilliant weekend.


  1. Oh man, seeing your pets makes me miss mine. I'm sure University will keep you distracted enough so you won't miss them as much.

  2. Awww. Yes there will be lots of things to miss, but there will be also be lots of new exciting experiences for you!

  3. University is great though. You'll enjoy it. You're bound to miss a lot, but you'll also love new things :)

  4. Those lovely pets just made me say "ahhhh" out loud!
    It must be a bit daunting but just think of all those wonderful experiences, new people, increased knowledge and a fantastic place to live in. x
    PS What are you going to be studying?

  5. you will have something to look forward to at Christmas x

  6. All very very lovely things to miss! University will be wonderful- you will have new wonderful places and memories to add to the wealth you have already!

  7. although there is a list of things to miss and reminisce I'm sure the opportunity of university will make up for it, trying your hand at others things too and expanding your horizons :)


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