What my weekend looked like...

I've been disappointed by the rate of sunlight we've all been getting in Britain as of late, it's just not good enough for August. I remember that summer's when I was about 12 seemed to go on forever! The nights were always too hot for covers, the garden was my favourite place to be, my friends from school would always knock at my door and we'd go and hang out at the park or play on the small hill just across the street, I'd end up eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the garden and it was cold Coke all summer long, but as I've reached 21, the holidays seem to have gotten less amazing. Has anyone else felt that way before?

Though the sun doesn't seem to be shining down on us at the moment I'm still holding on for that last burst of sunshine, and the last two days haven't been too bad but it could have been better. 

At least the garden is still nice enough to attract these very pretty moths. Not sure which species this is, does anyone know?

And I've still been able to enjoy Sanpellegrino's new aranciata sparkling water, which is perfect on a hot summer's day

And next door's cat Prince was kind enough to come to see me in the garden today, looking very much like the cat who has the best life in the world as he just lounges about all day.

And it's sad to say but the rose petals are finally wilting as you can see in the photo with Prince. They bloom and wilt so quickly :(

I also tried to cheer myself up by painting my nails in two colours, but the yellow on my little finger looks a bit wonky as I rushed myself at the end, so just ignore that one. The two colours are Rimmel's Sunshine and Barry M's Mint Green if you like the colours. 

And after a very stormy and wet day, a rainbow was followed by this beautiful and strange sky.

How was your weekend?


  1. love the final photo, I've seen some very strange skies. I enjoyed a sunny day today but its set to be rubbish again by tomorrow. I remember summers being completely different when I was younger too.

  2. oh, i thought i was experiencing a pretty favorable english summer.

  3. We all see the summers of your childhood as long and gloriously sunny but I think that's more to do with our mindset and happy memories.
    It hasn't been too bad really.
    Lovely pictures, I like your manicure and Duke is gorgeous. My boy cat keeps eating all the moths we get. x

  4. " I remember that summer's when I was about 12 seemed to go on forever! "
    Yes yes yes, soooooo true!

    Love interesting skies- my mobile phone picture gallery is full of them! That one is a beauty!

  5. Things always seemed to be bigger, better, longer and happier when a child. Nothing is as exciting as an adult, unfortunately! Sounds like you're making the most of what summer you have, good for you.xx.

  6. I always ask that same question, I feel like the weather in general has gotten worse than in the childhood days. regardless of the conditions you should still enjoy it as much as you have been. the sunset is lovely.

  7. The weekend wasn't long enough for me. I could have used more sleep.

    And I don't know about you but as a kid I would sleep in the basement to escape the heat but yeah, summers did seem longer back then.

  8. are there any merits to turning 21? i've always wondered when the drinking age, driving age was over there :)

  9. hahah funny post ! aw thanks for your comment.
    l love the rain too !
    my weekend went : procrastination, work, sleep, eat eat eat.


  10. I find holidays increasingly amazing as I get older, but that may be because i get less of them... I love the nail polish!

  11. sounds like a lovely weekend and i adore the photos. the colourful nails look really pretty and summerish^^

  12. These are such lovely photos. I love capturing the sunset from my bedroom window, even though it doesn't get the most sun in the morning, it's worth it for the orange light that fills my room on evenings!

  13. @ Jazzy E - I can't reply to your comment properly because there's no comment section on your blog posts :(

  14. Today is miserable up north, hoping for some sun tomorrow.

  15. I think I always forget that the longest day/summer solstice is actually in June. August isn't really the month when we get those gorgeous long summer evenings.

  16. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :) I was sick all weekend and it definitely wasn't lovely as yours haha.


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