Autumn is in the air...

It seems as if autumn has well and truly blown in and while I love summer I can't wait for warm cardigans and jumpers, snuggling up in bed with a hot drink and watching DVDs while it rains outside. And I know it's too early to mention it but Christmas is my favourite time of year so of course I'm already mentally planning decorations for my university room and making a list of things to buy for my family when I come home - if I have any money left! (Positive thoughts, people.)

But while I enjoy my last week at home I'm imaging Halloween parties, bonfire night sparklers and warm soup huddled up in my duvet. These are just some of the things I love most about autumn, but I also can't wait to crunch leaves under my feet and take lots of photos of Bath while wrapped up in scarves and watch the leaves change colour, which I can't believe I'm saying it, but the trees along the path to my old college already are!

What are your favourite things about autumn?
Mine is definitely pumpkins. They epitomise autumn for me in all their orangey goodness.

Seeing as autumn's not really hit Milton Keynes yet, all these photos are from previous years.

Trees in the park while I was sat on the swings there back in November. Swinging is a past-time which I think I'll end up doing even in my 80's. It's too much fun!

Two collared doves in the tree in my parents garden. They were very sweet, nestling together in these branches for a long time. I managed to get a lot of photos, but sadly only one of the pair has been visiting the garden since :(

Fallen leaves on the grass. I remember it was freezing that day too!

Autumn in the back garden, with the sunlight dipping behind this tree. 

Orange berries poking through my neighbours fence, which brought a lovely pop of colour into the garden. I love all the hues of orange, red and brown that are about at autumn time. The colours go well with my red hair :)

And one of my favourite photos, this leaf which looks like it's been cut-out and landed on top of the tree stump in our garden.

I hope you're all having a good start to the week!


  1. We have no autumn here, so in a way you're lucky, I couldn't handle that cold and greyness all the time though. We a re 2 weeks into spring and already it's hot, was 33 today. I'm dreading December to February!

  2. Lovely photos! Its funny hearing so many of my favourite bloggers talking about transitioning into Autumn when we're just heading into spring!

  3. Beautiful photos you've got. I think my favorite part of fall has to either be high school football games or hunting season starting or just the change of colors and the feel of fall.

  4. I hope you enjoy the autumn weather. Your photos are so lovely and those autumn trees are amazing. My favourite part about the colder weather would have to be wearing the pretty cardigans.

  5. Lovely pictures, love the snuggly doves and the berries.
    I'm not an autumn person in the slightest. I hate having to wear tights and coats and I don't own any woollens. The best thing about the season for me will be booking a trip to India to escape the dreaded Xmas! x

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love autumn, digging out my thick tights and boots! xoxo

  7. I love the changing colours of leaves in autumn. lovely post!

  8. Don't have time to appreciate autumn like you do. Classes are eating up all my time. :(

  9. Ahhh what lovely photos! I love those orange berries- like physalis!

  10. Lovely photos, I love Autumn it is definitely my favourite season!

    Maria xxx

  11. I've quickly gotten over the fact that Summer has come to an abrupt end and embracing the much chillier weather. Bring on nights with hot mugs of tea, blazing fireplaces and watching my favourite films under a blanket!

  12. love the pics. you made me realise how much i loved winter for the first time. gonna enjoy my summer but looking forward to the cld coming back


  13. beautiful photos! i love the colours that you get in autumn, as well as snuggling up in big jumpers and drinking hot chocolate, mm!
    xo Elly @ strawberrylacemoustache.blogspot.com

  14. pumpkins .. mmm beautiful !


  15. I love conkers in their shells the best. Although, Autumn does leave me feeling sad that summer is gone for another year.

  16. Lovely nature pictures! =)


  17. I love the leaves, the pumpkins, drinking tea, the crisp and foggy mornings, and the Halloween festivities. Fall is such a lovely season, I can't wait for my autumn adventures!


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