Back Home!

Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of photos this time in Devon but I did get some photos of Paignton Beach and the seagulls and a few different ones on the journey down there. I'm sorry I've been a bad photographer but I assure you that in 2 weeks' time you'll be inundated with lots of photos from Bath as I leave for university on the 24th of September! It's all come around so quickly :D

This was my room for the week, courtesy of my lovely Grandparents who'd even redecorated it with a new bed, blue walls and a long, full-length mirror.
Me at Paignton Beach with the pier behind me. I was wearing a star-patterned dress by Dorothy Perkins, and the necklace was a birthday present from my Uncle.
These seagulls calls carry so far across the breeze! I do have a soft spot for them.
This was the sky on the car ride down to Devon. My Grandparents came and picked me up this time around. The views were so pretty.
Paignton Beach. It was quite overcast, as you can see, but it was also a really humid day and sure enough there was lots of rain today which would explain the humidity. There were lots of gulls and I think I saw an arctic tern, though I can't be sure. Has anyone else spotted terns in Devon?
Enjoying my music in the car!
Happy to be here :) I made full use of the full length mirror!
The lovely beach, and a flying gull.
I miss Devon already!
I hope everyone's had a good week.


  1. These are beautiful! Good luck for uni, bath is amazing. x hivenn

  2. Ooh, love those lugubrious skies! How cute is that Flintstones t-shirt!!!!

  3. Paignton beach looks lovely. I do like to be beside the seaside :)

  4. Lovely pictures, I remember many happy holidays around Paignton. x

  5. the beach looks great,guess we should go to Devon soon

  6. Welcome back, I'm a bit jealous. Can't remember the last time I've been to a beach.

  7. Looks like a great trip. lovely photos.

  8. How exciting for you, off to Uni in ten days' time! bath is a lovely town too, I've been there several times and I think it'd be a great place to live and study. Hope you enjoy it.xx.

  9. How lovely is the room your grandparents prepared for you? It's gorgeous. Also good luck with uni, it'll be so much fun!


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