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If you've visited my blog before you'll know how much of an advocate for Etsy I am. I love the wide variety of things you can buy from bath goodies to jewellery to vintage hats and coats. I also love how nice each seller is to their customers. I've bought quite a few things from Etsy now and each time I've been given cute note-cards with the shops name, little extras such as sweets and even badges, magnets and gift cards if I wanted to use the things I'd bought as gifts. 

So this morning I was very happy to wake up to my latest Etsy purchase from the ever wonderful, Spooky Boutique!  I recommend everyone to check out her Etsy store, as she makes all kinds of things with a spooky theme from lip-balms, solid perfumes and hair accessories to artwork and stationery and she's always very sweet with her packaging and extras; this time round I got an orange sweet, a purple novelty spider ring and a free badge with the slogan, "Sugar, Spice and all things Green!" Can you sense a slightly macabre theme to her work yet? 

The cute packaging my solid perfume and hair-clip came in. The stripes on the bag remind me of a  humbug sweet! You can also see the purple novelty spider ring (my last one was neon orange) and of course her bright pink note cards advertising the shop.   

Cherry flavour solid perfume stick. I love the packaging! There are several other flavours to choose from and this one smells lovely. I'd not tried solid perfume before, apart from snagging a sample whilst in Lush with my friend, but I'm really pleased with this. Great for the daytime as the smell's not overpowering; just light. And the best thing - completely cruelty free! All of the cosmetics on Etsy are mostly vegan/vegetarian as they're all handmade.

My new hair-clip featuring a Victorian skeleton :) I haven't had a proper hair-clip for a while and thought this would come in handy both for Halloween parties and dress-up and during the day as it's nicely sized and looks sweet, I think. It's also a blessing as my fringe is forever falling into my view and it's going to be a huge help on a windy day like it has been recently.

I also recently bought an Alice in Wonderland handmade purse for my money, receipts and cards from Simbiosis. She makes lots of different purses, laptop sleeves, bags and clutches.

I'm a big Alice in Wonderland fan ever since being read the Jabberwocky as a kid.

I also recently bought two voodoo head knitted key-rings, with some birthday money, which I thought were very sweet, and I was happy as I was this persons first Etsy customer. The key-rings are from minxcreations based here in the UK and they make lots of other knitted creations including crochet cakes and felt key-rings and toys.  

And I still have a lip-balm to come, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Have you ever tried Etsy?
What's your favourite online store for second hand or handmade treats?
Hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend!
This time next week I shall be blogging to you from Bath ;D
Take care!


  1. Hey Tasha! What sweet purchases! I haven't bought from Etsy but I have looked lots and seen really nice items!

  2. I've never really visited etsy, but it sounds like it has some amazing stuff to be found there.

  3. Ooooh I love the Alice in Wonderland purse! I've been toying with the idea of getting an Alice in Wonderland tattoo for years, I love it so much. Also Etsy is a huge danger zone for my bank account. So very many awesome things

  4. I've bought several pieces of jewelry for my girlfriend via Etsy.

    Unfortunately it tends to be a bit pricier and due to being a poor student I can't buy from there as much as I'd like.

  5. I do love that hair clip, it'll really show up a treat in your gorgeous red locks.
    I've bought three vintage dresses/jumpsuits from etsy, I was very pleased. x


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