So while on holiday in Devon I was spoiled by my Grandparents and was very grateful for all the lovely things they bought me and thought I would show you just a few things, as well as my huge pile of things I have to take to university - and I still have to buy more before I leave! 

New books, including two crime novels that Nan was getting rid of so gave them to me. I got the first book in the True Blood series and Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan, another vampire/supernatural novel. The third one was half price with the other purchases called The End of Everything by Megan Abbot.

Eyeliner in black and a mascara. Again, very impressed with the mascara. The wand has lots of tiny bristles rather than the standard applicator wand so it didn't cause any clumpiness, which is what I usually get, and it looked a lot more natural than my other mascaras which tend to really elongate my lashes and cause them to clump together. The eyeliner's I have used before and they go on really smooth - These two were part of a free gift! 

This camomile eye make-up remover was the second part of the free gift and this is brilliant! Normally I struggle with eye make-up removers. They either take only a little off or just sting and irritate my skin. This one took it all off and left my eyes feeling nice and calm, not irritated. 

The second free gift. A Vitamin C Spray and Serum. Meant to lift tired looking skin after too many late nights or a tough week. I tried this already and the smell is gorgeous. Orangey. The spray is really refreshing and the serum is just rubbed into the skin. Both of them are really good if you're skin's feeling tight and tired. It lifted my complexion almost instantly. 

Body Shop eyeshadow in Sapphire. The marble side creates a lovely smokey look.

Eyeshadow in Sage.

The Aloe skin range is the most gentle skincare range I've come across. This is the moisturiser and it also has an inbuilt SPF 15, so I'm happy as I've not had one with an SPF before so hopefully I won't burn as easily in the summertime!

And the facial wash. I've not used this yet but it's a part of the Aloe range so it should be as gentle :)

Just some of the uni things I have to take with me! :O

That's all for now but I've got some more similar posts scheduled.
How is everyone's week going?
Last night I went to the pub with some friends and had a drink but apart from that it's been all about getting things reading for moving day on the 24th - wish me luck!
Hope you're all ok and enjoying your weeks!


  1. You lucky girl, what fabulous treats! Wishing you loads of luck. x

  2. WOw! Lots of nice things! I'd like to try that Aloe moisturiser-thanks for the heads up! I always have issues finding a daily moisturiser that I actually like the feel of that has natural ingredients- I've tried Burts bees, Oil of Olay, Dermalogica, No 7...


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