Awards and Igneous Rocks

I realise the title of this post might seem a little odd but you have all been reading my blog for long enough to know that I am a little strange and unusual. First of all I have apologise for the irregularity in posting, but I've been keeping up to date with mostly everyone's blogs and trying to comment when I can so no worries :)

Last week I mentioned I'd been nominated for an award at the NAGC Annual Awards, and well...I won an award, haha! I still can't quite believe it but I was given the Youth Award for Volunteering as I'm under 24, and I was so shocked and surprised but very thankful and happy all at the same time. The charity have some wonderful people working for them and I seriously urge anyone to get in contact with them, they are just the most loveliest and hard-working people, and they are a brilliant charity to volunteer for. 

As well as being invited to London for the day and having the ceremony held in the Lord Mayor of London's house, we got a tour of the Mansion House and I managed to get a few photos though I was still reeling from my award and a little bit on cloud 9, so sorry about that guys, otherwise there would have been more!

Me stood outside of the house looking pretty wind-blown, and feeling extremely nervous!

Just one of the many chandeliers inside the house. One of them is the second grandest in the whole of the UK, second only to the one which hangs in Buckingham Palace. 

Some of the painting inside the mansion as well. Very pretty, I thought. 

I loved these decorations on the walls as well, the whole mansion was lovely.

In other university related news all is well on the Geography front. Without my house-mates thinking I'm a total geek I am trying to make what I'm doing sound as cool as possible. I don't think it's working... Yesterday I got to test out stereoscopy, using some 3D glasses which are propped up on the table over an aerial photograph to turn the photo, 3D. Suddenly, what was a series of ridges, valleys and streams became a proper 3D, jump out at you, image. I had fun. I also tried my hand at some mapping skills, which I'm hoping will improve with time.

I also got to play around with some igneous rocks, which are rocks which are formed underneath the earth's surface, and found out their density. Apparently a rock with finer crystals is younger than rocks with much more course materials because they've had longer to cool, so you can tell a lot about how old they are. Which I thought was interesting. I am now going to lose probably half of my followers, so I promise to keep the Geo posts to a minimum.

Hope you're all well and enjoying your Friday!
Anyone doing anything fun over the weekend? 


  1. Your a geography geek like me! :) I loved geography in uni, my favourite subject was fluvial geomorphology. Well done on your award- go you!! Hope you have a lovely weekend

    All things nice...

  2. Congrats on the award gorgeous! x

  3. What an achievement, you should be very proud of yourself. You look absolutely beautiful, that cobalt blue looks lovely against your red hair.x

  4. well done for winning the award, you should be on cloud 9! Great news, congrats :D

  5. That is fabulous that you won that award! You must have worked very hard at what you did! Well done!
    Oh and hte rock stuff? Keep telling, I like learning new facts!


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