I've Had My Geography Moment

You'll recall me saying a few days ago that I was a little disillusioned with a couple of my university modules here in Bath and for a good few days I was sat in my room wondering if I'd made the right choice in picking geography after the fiasco I had at college. Fretting over whether to bite the bullet and take English and try to become a writer, or skip university altogether, re-take my GCSE science and maths and begin training on the job to become a veterinary nurse, it was a little bit of a nightmare and I had a struggle while constantly going onto UCAS and trying to find a course that sparked my interest.

Well I'm so glad I stuck with it because the Wednesday just gone I had my Geography moment.

It was my first field trip of the year and we headed to Burrington Combe in the Mendip Hills, then on to Cheddar Gorge, then to Glastonbury and finally to the Somerset Levels. I was in my element. Cheddar Gorge is gorgeous with stunning scenery and the geology of the area is so fascinating. We were discussing which theories of the Gorge's development were the most plausible, and periglacial and flash floods seem to be the most likely. 

It's safe to say I am falling hard and fast for this beautiful area. This is one side of the valley at Cheddar Gorge. Notice all the layers and tiers in the rock face. Limestone sediments :)

After Burrington Combe, which was chilly but interesting and Cheddar Gorge, we headed on to Glastonbury which has just become my favourite new town! There were some very colourful characters walking around barefoot, with pink dreadlocks, playing a zither and generally being free-spirited! I could have sworn it was Rebecca Black's Friday the guy with the zither was playing on the street, and it was an amazing rendition. We then climbed Glastonbury Tor, I say climbed but it was more walking up steps, and even though in places it was seriously steep and my brain was screaming at me to get back onto even ground I couldn't help but stop and take photos every 5 minutes, and there was a rainbow, so thank you for that weather! 

There is a rainbow there I swear! 

After the Tor we drove to the Somerset Levels, a nature reserve where Tom our Geo tutor took a soil core sample and found some lovely peat followed by clay and silt! We went back approximately 7,000 years through the sediments. I was blown away by that, it's almost like having a time machine. And I hope I haven't bored you with my Geography knowledge, haha :D

In other news university life is still amazing and there's the Halloween party on Monday so expect a post from me soon! And also I am so sorry I am behind with replying to comments, I am still keeping up with your blogs.

Just one of the views from the top of the Tor. Just absolutely stunning! 

Also this is the view from my bedroom window. The other day there were 3 pheasants outside and cows mooing away happily in the fields. I never want to leave!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy Halloween!


  1. Oh I ADORE this part of the country- O;ve had very happy holidays there on a number of occasions! Just last May, my boyfriend and I spent the bank holidauy weekend in Somerset then Exmoor. My boyfriend cycled in the Sportif cycle race including Cheddar (starting in Wells, which is lovely btw!) and whilst he did tht, I went potholing in Cheddar caves (and got ourselves very muddy!) and then did the whole tourist thing! We stayed in an organic place in Wookey (also interesting) and then after he picked me up after his race, we drove to Exmoor and stayed near Dunster, which was wonderful! As you can tell from the way I have just waffled, your post made me very happy recalling thsi wonderful weekend! Oh and Glastonbury is great walking up the Tor!
    I'm really glad you're feeling more positive and happy about the course- yay!!!!

  2. Geography seems like a really difficult and time consuming major but you should really stick to it! I've never met a person who was so fascinated and interested in nature before. :) good luck!

  3. Beautiful shots! I'm glad to hear you've had your 'a-ha!' moment with geography, it sounds like it will be something you'll really enjoy!

  4. Wow it is truly gorgeous. Those pictures are incredible. It's good to hear you are continuing with Geography although I can totally relate to the feelings of uncertainty regarding quitting university or changing courses.

  5. Nice pics!


  6. Great rainbow...
    Best regards from France,



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