Top 5 Favourite Things About Halloween

I can't believe it's already the last couple of weeks of October but with that comes one of my favourite holidays: Halloween. It's an excuse to dress up, have fun and enjoy yourself! Being me and being the big kid I am I love all the spooky things that start cropping up in shops and I for one am very excited for this year's Halloween festivities as I'm going to a proper Halloween party for the first time in several years. Yay! Excitement!

And what interesting, creative and imaginative costume did I go for this year?
Yep, you guessed it, vampire. Fangs an' all!

I love my vampires and this year I plan to get some proper fangs and fake blood and really go for it, but of course vampires aren't the only thing I love about Halloween. So without further ado here are my favorite things about Halloween!

1. Pumpkins

I've already said they epitomise Halloween for me but they really are just my favourite thing about Autumn and Halloween in general. They're cute, orange and you can carve funny faces in them, and as a bonus they make soup! What more do you want from a vegetable? It's decorative and delicious. 

2. Halloween Youtube Make-Up Tutorials

Horror fans unite, these are amazing. Petrilude's channel is filled with amazing SFX style make-up ideas and they are fantastic for Halloween. This one is currently my favourite, from another Youtuber, AndreasChoice. 

3. Halloween Decorations

Everytime I log into my favourite blogs around this time of year I'm always so surprised by how creative and Gothic people can get when they're working on ideas for dinner parties or tea parties. And I especially love this link to some Edgar Allen Poe inspired dinner plates. 

4. Horror Movies

Back at home on Halloween my Mum and I would go and get some horror films and watch them back to back on Halloween night with chocolate, fizzy drinks and snacks. Best way to spend Halloween, even if I do say so myself.

5. Fancy Dress

It had to be on here somewhere :D Whether you're incredibly talented and creative and you go all out with your costume, or you use what you have or you just add a little bit of flair and go with it, dressing up for Halloween is always amazingly good fun.

So that's my list of favourite things about Halloween, how about you?

Hope you're all having a good start to the week and that Monday's not treating you too terribly around the globe.

My university mate Roz and I on Halloween last year!



  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Halloween! and I can't help but think of your pirate costume! flawless! I still need to think of my costume :O

  2. you youths and your youtubes! what about toilet-papering houses?

  3. i am kind of excited about halloween, i have got an idea for a costume which i want to make but really need to get going with! we are having a halloween party at guides so i need it ready for then!

  4. I love any holiday that advocates dressing up. And i am highly excited about my costume this year, i have such fun makeup planned. And Petrilude is AMAZING!! So so very talented

  5. My favourite thing is all the sweets!

  6. What great pumpkins! Halloween is such fun.

    X x

  7. It's not really my thing at all but I DO love dressing up, fancy dress and all that! Just not vampires and ghostly things!

  8. Only thing I can really like about Halloween is the candy. :P

  9. I have to admit I love the youtube halloween makeup videos myself... Being 22 I feel I should have 'grown out' of youtube but I've decided its just not happening!

  10. haha decorative and delicious, so true love it!


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