If you go down to the woods today...

Over the weekend my house-mate Helen and I went for an evening stroll around the back of the campus to find out how to get to the lake which the back kitchens and bedrooms overlook. It was incredibly muddy and fun. We walked down past the campus opening and found a little path which ran along the back of the campus to find a mini waterfall!

We then walked on to find the second lake, which is where all the fisherman seem to be going and the sheep were running along the top of the grass verges, looking very cute too.

The photo's come out a little blurry, but the reflection of the trees on the lake was really pretty I thought. I do love this time of year.

We then continued to walk around the lake, and then back out onto a path which runs behind the lakes towards some hills where a few cows were dotted about, having a graze. They didn't take much notice of us, but the view from the hills was really pretty, including a very pink sky and a lovely view of the moon and the castle back on campus.

On the way back I picked up a leaf which shrivelled and dried up overnight, so I wasn't happy, saw the cutest labrador puppy and hugged a tree.

Geographers love trees!

 Helen was happy to be outside :D

All in a day's work.
Hope all your weeks are going well.


  1. You big hippies you!!!!! What a wonderful place to go to Uni! Waterfalls near by! Man I am jealous! WHy oh why did I go to uni first in Islington, then in bloomin yucky Denparas and finally Bloomsbury!!!!! Why did I not go somewhere NICE!!!!!

  2. Wow, stunning! I miss my tree hugging days!

  3. Such a lovely environment. Adore the lake ref;ections shot x

  4. Wow! How lucky are you, that is such a beautiful campus!


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