Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine...

With Christmas fast approaching, the days becoming shorter and the advent chocolate slowly disappearing it appears that it is in fact that time of year again; and I couldn't be happier! According to my Mum the Christmas tree is already up and waiting for me when I come home, and I've already had my first ever taste of mulled wine and a mince pie. It truly is beginning to look like Christmas! Walking through campus right now the weather is getting bitterly cold and my hat, gloves and scarves are coming on outings absolutely everywhere.

The installation at the Abbey. The lights reflecting off it were gorgeous!

In town the Bath Christmas Market has sprung up and is utterly gorgeous. At night the little fairy lights that adorn each hut make the Abbey stand out beautifully, and a couple of the girls from the next block over went to the Christmas Carol Service to have a sing-along and get in the festive spirit, with an installation created by a Bath Spa University student hanging above the choir and twirling around catching the light, it was gorgeous. 

Our hand-made snowflakes, baubles and Christmas bells!

The house-mates and I also decorated our kitchen for Christmas, with tinsel, gold baubles, reindeer decorations for my mini-tree (which has taken centre stage on top of the fridge, haha) and hand-made paper snowflakes. All of our advent calendar's have lined the window shelf and several times we've all stayed up until midnight just to open our calendar's, such is the lack of chocolate at Uni when you're a student :/

The gorgeous Christmas tree in town. Sorry the photo's a little fuzzy.

Bath also has it's Christmas lights and gorgeous Christmas tree up and looking pretty. There were lots of lovely, little blue lights around the tree and as you walk up into the town centre all you can see are gold lights hanging between the shops and houses - very pretty.

The equally gorgeous Christmas lights in town - again, sorry for the bad photo!

So I hope you're all having a good week, enjoying the Christmas run-up and having fun shopping and if like me you're still at Uni, studying too.
Not long now until I break up for Christmas, take care guys!


  1. I loveeee Christmas decors. That's awesome how your school is into the holiday spirit :D makes going to school more fun?? haha

  2. Bath is even more beautiful at Christmas time :) x

  3. I'm starting to feel so festive! I love it, can't wait for my first mulled wine :O)
    Loving the cat pic on the left... he looks just like my boy cat, Socks x

  4. That installation in the cathedral is absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for my birthday wishes, lovely to hear from you. x

  5. Your campus has decorations and everything. Lucky you, the only people who bothered with Christmas anything around here are store owners.

  6. hey young trendy,
    your blogg-a-roo is all kinds of fantastic.
    diggin the assortment of awesome pictures too.
    Looking forward to what more you have in store!
    ex oh ex oh

  7. Wow the installation in the Abbey is fantastic :) I love Christmas time, and I am starting to feel festive and Christmassy! Hope you're haveing a nice time!!

  8. Love the pictures Natasha, looks lovely xx


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