Walking in a Winter wonderland...

This Friday was the amazing Snow Ball, with everyone looking exceptionally glamorous and dapper. We all got dressed and headed down to the SU for a brilliant evening, with a fake snow machine, a live band and even hot food vans waiting outside as well as professional photos which will be a lovely way to remember the first term. The marquee outside of the Student Union was heated, so was a big relief to walk into after the cold walk down to the SU, particularly as it was a full moon meaning very chilly weather indeed. 

Me and the house-mates all dressed up :)

In Geography news on Friday we looked at cloud identification, which was brilliant fun as on my way back to the halls on campus I tried to identify every cloud I saw from cirrus to strato-cumulus. In my practical on Thursday I felt like a proper geographer for once. I got to use a gravelometer, wear a face-mask, ear-plugs and rubber gloves and sort sediment sizes like a pro; it was a good day. My course-mate, Polly and I, then went to a research seminar afterwards to listen to a talk about "Winning the Peace" to do with post-conflict clean up etc. which was interesting. 

My house-mate Helen also got me, finally, to go on the carousel in town, haha.

A very blurry photo but the idiot in front waving her arms about like a loon is me!

There was also a gorgeous golden eagle hanging around outside the Roman Baths, part of a charity raising money for a bird sanctuary I believe. The eagle didn't miss a trick though. Every time someone moved he was watching like a hawk, or should that be eagle? :P

Such a stunning creature!

Amid all the assignments due, which are now done, the Christmas-present wrapping and other Uni things I've been so behind with my letter-writing so a big apology to everyone who hasn't had a reply to their letters or Christmas cards, I will be better next term, I promise!

I hope everyone's having a brilliant weekend, and looking forward to Christmas. Not long now guys!


  1. lovely shot of you and your housemates!
    I do love a good carousel :)

  2. I'm actually deathly afraid of huge and sturdy birds.Like crows for example. There are tons of them in Japan and they attack people a lot T-T Just hope it'll never touch me. you and your housemates are so pretty!! sounds like you had a fantastic time :)

  3. Not long until my finals are done either. I can't wait. :(

  4. Awww how gorgeous do you all look all dressed up!! I love the carousel shot too

  5. You all look so pretty all scrubbed up and fabulous. I do like that bird of prey, there's a sparrowhawk who lives in our garden, our poor cats are terrified of him. x

  6. Ha ha love the cloud thing! I read the entire Cloud collector's handbook last Easter Sunday and I always loook out for them- still looking out for a Kelvin Helmholtz and a Lencularis!
    Lovely photos, you look great!

  7. good to here you had a fun time with all your housemates, and that you are enjoying your program. I can't remember the last time I was on a carousel, I should get on that.



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