Goodbye Skies

Well today is officially my last day in Milton Keynes and it is safe to say I am feeling the January Blues now. I thought that when it came to leaving to go back to university I would be really excited and while I am I will also miss everyone terribly. These past three weeks have made me realise how lucky I am with my friends and family and I really do cherish them all, no matter how slushy that sounds, it's the truth! So I spent the last day packing, seeing one of my house-mates who lives very close by and catching up with Sherlock and Rango (both amazing if anyone wants a TV and film recommendation) as well as running around like a headless chicken trying to sort everything out. Where does the time go?

I also spent some time in the garden earlier saying goodbye until Spring, and hoping that it will look greener, fresher and livelier once I return. The skies were a gorgeous blue colour and the clouds reminded me of the beginning of summer so maybe this is a good sign for the UK's future forecast? I'd like to think the sun popped out from behind the clouds to say goodbye and wish me a brilliant new term for the Spring so that I'll leave feeling more positive, so I'm taking that visual with me, hehe! 

I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend and for anyone else travelling up to university this weekend, have a safe journey!



  1. I spend WAY too much time scrutinising clouds!! (my favourite car journey pastime) Seriously, don't want to put a cloud (ho ho ho) on this but look at that 4th picture- the cloud formation IS the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz!!! You can see her face as well as the flying on a broom pose!!!

    Anyway, enough of my overactive imagination, I hope that you feel better about returning and that you enjoy the beauty of bath as the days grow lighter and the hope of Spring is in the air!

  2. take that visual with you because you will know better days, keep your head up and all the best for a brilliant semester this spring!

  3. Beautiful pictures! :)

    Thank you for coming by and following my blog.

  4. i've stayed in the same city my whole life and i wonder how it would feel to leave. i would definitely miss my family and friends... anyway, don't worry about leaving because getting a chance to miss your home makes you appreciate it more. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. love the photography :)
    and i know what you mean :( whenever I go back to Hawaii, I realize how much I love the company of my family and friends although I have friends in Japan. just isn't the same :( when will you be back again?

  6. Its always hard going back to real life isn't it? It was my first day back at work today... tough times! And its never too soppy to cherish your friends

  7. You'll see them again :) Even that pesky sun.

  8. I'm already back to University. :(

    Oh the life of a student...

  9. ooh i totally understand you- leaving behind my family is always hard especially since i live in a different country and i have to take the plane every time i want to see them!


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