Desert Island Dreams

This is the beach at Paignton in Devon, and while I wish it had been sunnier, the sight of the sea and the sand always makes me smile.

Seagulls caw quietly in the distance as the waves lap gently against the shore. The sun beats down on the beach as you stretch your legs out on the towel that rubs softly at your back. Turning the page of your book you breathe in and take in the fresh sea air around you. You can hear palm fronds fraying above you, their leaves protecting your skin from the dazzling rays of the midday sun. As you close your book and drop it on the white, soft sand next to you you feel all your worries disappearing and you drink in the beautiful surroundings, feeling all your stress being washed away by the sea.

Welcome to your very own desert island and the first stop on our Zen Moment tour. I thought it would be really nice to start these off with a hot, unspoilt beach, especially as the January Blues are often so prevalent at this time of year. The visual above is a trick I picked up not long ago. I find that visualing nice images and focusing on aspects of a day at the beach or a walk in the woods actually works just as well as being there. Obviously we all want to go on holiday and prefer long walks in the forest, but if you can't get there when you're feeling stressed, just visualise the scene above and feel your body relax as you let go of all your tension. It does work, trust me.


  1. This is looooovely! I could just imagine all of that when I was reading it. Happy New Year Natasha!

  2. That's a MARVELLOUS idea!!!! Thank you for this!!

  3. for a few moments I felt that warm sea air. great idea, it is really uplifting to visualize these things.


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