Back In Bath and Tag Round 2!

So I'm finally back in Bath and really enjoying seeing everyone again. It's always strange going away for the holidays or for a break as I miss my house-mates a lot but I'm always looking forward to coming back and the round of Welcome-Back-Hugs are always lovely! Sadly I didn't have any pancakes last night as I had a fairly substantial cheese pizza fairly late and for me, no pancakes are as good as my Mum's, sorry guys...

The drive back to Bath is something I always enjoy, and at the weekend it was lovely and sunny so I got my sunglasses out and basked in the sunshine shining through the car window!

As much as I love each season I can't wait for lighter evenings and warm days. Something about the summer always cheers me up.

Lovely blue skies and sunshine for my trip back to university :)

The lovely Kezzie from KezzieAG tagged me again, so without further ado I am going to answer her brilliant questions. Make sure you check out her blog, she's lovely. 

1.  Which confectionary or product that is no longer available do you miss and would like to bring back?

I would have said Rainbow Drops until I discovered they were selling them again in the SU shop and in most supermarkets, Popping Candy is also still being sold so...I guess I miss the old Onken desserts which were chocolate UFO's with raspberry yoghurt in the centre. They were good!

2.  What was your favourite cartoon or kids programme as a child? Tell me what it was about!

Spider! It was a funny little animated kid's TV show about a spider that usually got up to no good. It was mostly musical. I also loved Stoppit and Tidy-Up if anyone remembers. Now I feel old :P

3.  What is your favourite word and why? (sorry, I liked that question!)

I really like Illuminated so I'm going to go with that one :)

4.  Which place do you really have no desire to go to on holiday and why?

I can't answer this properly as I am one of those people that wants to go everywhere at least once! 

5.  Likewise, where would you MOST like to go and why?

Top of my list at the moment is Italy. Something about it has always attracted me and I really want to go to the Alps in Austria. My dream destination is Machu Picchu!

6.  How many _________ does it change to change a lightbulb.  Give me your best q and answer to this joke!

How many pirates does it take to change a lightbulb?
None, they don't like arrr-tificial light.

That was terrible I know...I apologise.

7.   What do other people say is your best personality attitribute?  What do you think of this?

They always say I'm too sweet and nice. I think it's a good thing. I like to think of myself as a bubbly, nice person.

8.  Who is your favourite author and why?

I really like Sarah Dessen as a lot of her books have reached me on an emotional level. 

9.  Kindle, paperback or hardback- choose which and why?

I do like paperbacks. They're easier to carry around compared with a hardback, but hardbacks always seem to smell good. I think the Kindles are really cool but I haven't had a proper chance to use one so I'd like to.

10.  If you could obtain tickets for any Olympic event this year, which sport would it be and why??

Probably something to do with horses like show-jumping or dressage as I'm not very sporty and I don't know enough about the other Olympic sports to follow them properly unfortunately.

11.  If you could play a musical instrument, which would you play and why? (and no choosing one you can already play!)

I've always wanted to play the piano because I think it sounds beautiful, and I've only ever played recorder at school and I wasn't very good so it would be fun to pick another instrument up.

Thanks for the questions Kezzie and I hope everyone's having a good week! Nearly at the weekend now!


  1. Loved this post, I'd have to agree on the Olympic event - Horse related all the way!

  2. You should just eat pancakes today. You can eat them any time! I also really love the piano.

  3. Yay! Great answers! I'm sorry I didn't realise/check that you'd already been tagged (AKA am silly!) Again, I'm loving the clouds!

  4. you'll have to learn to make great pancakes one day! I am so looking forward to the olympic horse stuff. sadly no tickets though :(

  5. Cool answers... I thought they'd stopped doing poppin candy until the other week, where I encountered cheesecake that had poppin candy sprinkled on the top.

  6. I've always wanted to play the piano properly too. I had lessons for a few months when I was about 10 but I have forgotten everything! I really don't have a musical bone in my body at all!

  7. Time for me to complain about the weather again. :P You get sun, meanwhile over here it started snowing, again.

  8. I love your glasses in the 1st pic. Btw, cool answers:D

  9. super duper cute! love it! xx


  10. Lovely pictures. It looks like the weather is getting warmer with those sunny and clear skies. I love the picture of you, you look so beautiful. I also want to play the piano!

  11. i find my mood improves with warmer weather too, must be the sun!
    Love reading all your responses.

  12. Interesting Q&A ;-) lovely pics. If only it was sunny today in LOndon

  13. i love long days aswell, it's sad when you wake up and its dark and then you go home and it's dark again :(

  14. I FINALLY got around to carrying on the tag you gave me a few weeks ago - thanks and yes I agree the skulls remind me of the Mighty Boosh too now! Funny!! :D

    I've always wanted to play the piano too, but wonder if I could ever play well enough with such tiny hands as I have!?! LOL LOL!

    Sadie x

  15. My wife would love your answer to the light bulb question as she is such a fan puns.
    Illuminated is kind of amusing as your favorite word especially in relation to that joke.
    I also have favorite words and since I wanted to better know myself and others, I joined favoritewords.com - take a look, you might like that site.


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