Back In Time

A few weeks after Christmas my house-mates and I decided to take full advantage of being citizens in Bath and visit the Roman Baths for the first time for free! You can pick up a Discovery Card when you visit and you only need proof of your living arrangements to access this. I'd only ever been once before when I was a child so it was like rediscovering them all over again. Whenever I go to museums or things like this I always feel like I'm going back in time in my own personal time machine. Who needs the Doctor anyway?! 

I've always been interested in the Romans and the Roman Empire growing up and going to the Baths is both fun and interesting, and I geeked out several times. Walking in at about 3pm, when we all went, meant you could see the steam rising from the water. It was all very mystical, and the heat rising up was very welcome against the cold January evening. 

I loved the fact that you could see the gorgeous Abbey from the Baths, which is stunning and well worth a visit if you ever come to Bath. I snapped several photos, and I loved seeing a different side to Bath.

This is the overflow which you can see at the end of the Baths, after most of the tour is done. The colour is a result of the minerals staining the stone, and was designed to allow surplus water to drain out into the Roman drains. I loved the russet colour the stone had turned and the noise of the running water was lovely. Am I the only one who finds that sound relaxing?

Old Roman jewellery, which I completely fell in love with. I love how the repeating colours are greens and blues;  my favourite colours to wear and how chunky the jewellery is. The rings were stunning. 

I believe this is the frigidarium, a cold pool which was entered after the steaming baths to close the pores in the skin. There were lots of coins at the bottom of the pool, for wish making. Sadly I didn't have any coins on me to chuck in...The lighting in this photo isn't great as my flash just reflected off the water and didn't capture much. 

Another view of the Baths. I really do love this place.

Have any of you guys ever visited the Roman Baths? What's your favourite historical era? I have a big thing for the Egyptians myself.

I hope you're all having a great start to the week!


  1. I haven't visited them myself but they look great. I do love the Roman's and all the stuff from back then but I guess my favourite historical era would probably be either Feudal Japan.

  2. I love Bath such a cool city with an awesome skate park...at least I'm assuming it's still there after 10 years.

  3. That looks like a very interesting and amazing place to visit. I would love to go there one day. My parents and my sister have been there and I saw all their pictures which were pretty incredible.

  4. I've never been to the Baths, shameful really!

  5. I've never visited the Roman Baths; wrong side of the Atlantic, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

  6. I was here just a couple of weekends ago! It was blinking freezing but I've always loved Bath, so pretty. We had a nosey around these baths but didn't pay to go in (cheapos!!)

    Sadie xx


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