Snow Day!

Waking up to a blanket of snow always brings out the big kid in me, and last Saturday I spent the afternoon walking round the lake with my house-mates enjoying being outside in the lovely, Wintery weather. 

The lake had completely frozen over, and while today there was a partial covering on the ground when I woke up for my 9am lecture, as the day wore on it all, unfortunately (though probably good as most people are travelling home today for Reading Week) melted. 

Helen, Laura, Helen and I all had fun including the Helens and Laura climbing the fence to go and sit on a massive tree that had fallen over exposing a gigantic stump, which made all three of them look tiny once they decided to sit and pose for photos. We also bumped into Jamie, from Pope, who also joined the others over the fence. I was a bit more apprehensive and being about 5ft tall decided not to try and clamber over as I could just see myself getting embarrassingly stuck.

Main House looked gorgeous in the snow.

Suddenly when it snowed this little hidden area behind the main path revealed itself and it was like walking into Narnia! The stream and lake were all frozen and it was like walking through a Winter Wonderland. I do love the snow, I have to say.

It wasn't long before we bumped into fellow N Blockers, Laurence and Will, and Laurence even managed to find a snowball that resembled an owl. I enjoyed that quite a bit. 

The view in the snow from the Temple, a little open seating area where you can sit and look out at the lake.

Today I came home for Reading Week so I'll be relaxing and doing a little bit of work before heading back to university. I know I've been a bad blogger as of late but there are plenty of posts to come and I've found lots of new, and lovely bloggers recently, so make sure you check out the sidebar and have a scroll through if you're bored and looking for some new reads one afternoon - they are worth it.

I hope you all have a great weekend guys and enjoy the snow if you got any!


  1. It looks great, I absolutely adore snow :)

  2. amazing snow pictures, it looks magical x

  3. Oh seems like you had such fun with your lovely friends and it was an adventureful day for all of you^^ The photos are gorgeous and they make me wish for more snow here!<3


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