An Afternoon Walk

The lovely Ashridge Common with lots of sunlight filtering through. 

Birds cheep playfully above you as the tree tops sway majestically in the late September breeze. Wind brushes coolly against your bare legs as you walk quietly along the dirt path, your thoughts slowly drifting away to another place as you drink in the beautiful scenery around you. Light filters down onto the path, the green leaves of the oak trees around you glistening emerald as the sun catches them. As you continue down the path you feel your shoulders relax and your breath slow to a gentle rest. 

Whenever I feel stressed or anxious, which has been many times recently, I've always found solace in going for a walk. With many people saying exercise is certainly better for you than any other treatment put forwards for depression and anxiety, I can safely say that a good walk in the morning or afternoon is amazing. Find somewhere you love, which is easy to access and take your camera. There is nothing more rewarding than a) finishing a long walk and b) giving yourself a break from city life and getting back to nature.


  1. I would have felt like this when I went to Sherwood Forest but I had my nieces with me.

  2. I adore the way you write. Every flowing word fills me with hope, joy and so many other warming feelings find their ways to my heart. You write about your world and i find pieces from mine.
    I've never been in that enchanting forest of emerald green but i have felt like i just came from there and it was beautiful and so are you, my dear^^


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