A Country Walk

The past few days in Bath have been coated in sunshine and blue skies, and while a little windy and chilly, I've been making the most of the nice weather, which has included an impromptu picnic with everyone from Hiscocks, lots of walks around the lake and work on the benches outside of the halls. My friend Immy and I went for another walk behind the university halls over the hills and the lake which usually has lots of fishermen sat around it fishing very early in the morning, normally accompanied by several ducks and a heron. Can you tell I love it here? :P

The lovely fishing lake. It's so peaceful here.

The view of the hills on our way back

A tree that Immy thought resembled a dog. I enjoyed that :)

The other morning I also managed to save a tiny spider before it was whisked off down the drain as I got myself a drink, lucky I saw the little mite as he was nearly a goner! I've rescued several spiders this week from house-mates' rooms and the kitchen. I even managed to safely help a wasp and a moth out of my room and the kitchen during the first term of university. Just call me Dr Dolittle! 

I've also been making the most of living next to a lake and getting a daily dose of walks. The swans were incredibly friendly and came right over to say hello!

I think swans are so pretty, but that may possibly stem from watching The Swan Princess one too many times as a kid! Being swept up in the whimsy of a magical swan, they always seem a little bit more fantastical to me, but these two were super friendly which only cemented that idea. That and I'm a big softie when it comes to animals and like to pretend I live in a Disney film filled with friendly, talking animals...

The honey bees are also finally out, which can only mean one thing - Spring is on the way!

 I have fun in the sun :)

How has everyone else's weekend been?


  1. You save spiders? That's so odd. I thought I was the only one. Most people would have squashed them.

  2. That is a really nice like :) I used to go to a park that had a lake a lot, and the geese there were pretty friendly. There was a lot of signs about not feeding them though.

  3. Aww what lovely spring photographs! (Except the spider one - Can't way I'm a fan of those little creatures as much as I try to be sometimes!)

  4. Ahhhh lovely shots! You're very good re the creepies! I always remove spiders to outside and wasps can eventually be ushered out though I am afraid moths in my home are far too stupid to take a hint!


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