Well hello Bath!

It is shocking how fast time is flying now! It seems just like yesterday I was meeting everyone for the first time and getting to know my house mates. Now we're like a little family! My exams are looming and soon it'll be revision a go-go, but for now I'm concentrating on my last two assignments and then boom, it's done. My first academic year completed. Scary.

So I returned to Bath only to find the most adorable, springy and fluffy little lambs frolicking about outside my window, looking outrageously cute. Unfortunately I couldn't get any photos as my camera is devoid of all battery life but soon I promise!

Hopefully it's not chucking it down with rain where you are too!

Taken on campus just before Easter.



  1. Even though there aren't any lamb pictures I still "awwwwed" at the thought of them. You're almost done with your first year, but it's the last one that's all worrying. It's good you get on with all the other people there :) It makes it much easier and better.

  2. aren't lambs the cutest?! I hope you can get some pictures soon x

  3. i hope you're having a great weekend :)


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