Brilliant Bristol

First of all a massive apology because I have been the worlds worst blogger known to man. It's nearly the end of term and I have now started my revision time so have been knuckling down and trying to put everything glacier, desert, river, deforestation, colonialism related into my brain! It's exhausting :/ I've also been catching with with films I'd never seen before but should have like Billy Elliot, This Is England and Boy's Don't Cry. All so good, if you haven't seen them, get on it!

So for the final geography field-trip of the year was to Bristol and I absolutely love the street art there! Walking into the city centre I was just enchanted by the awesome street art. These are just a few of the photos I took. Some seriously creative out there!

We were visitng Bristol to take a look at the new developments down along the Harbourside, which reminded me quite a lot of Milton Keynes in some parts.

It was a gorgeously sunny day and I even snapped an extremely touristy photo in the IMAX 4D cinema...haha, don't judge me!

I hadn't been to the Harbourside since I was about 12 or 13 so it was nice to go back and see the new buildings which have sprung up over time. Although the switch from old to new is very strange, as Bristol did remember me of Bath quite a bit as I was wandering through. Sad to know how much of it was bombed during WW2. 

Posting might be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks with exams looming, but it's not long until the summer!



  1. I agree Billy Elliot is a good movie. Don't worry about the delays, you've been very busy, and you had your priorities straight. The street art looks great and I still have no idea how they do things like that.

  2. Bristol looks like asn amazing place. I must visit someday!!

  3. Good luck with your studying! Wonderful pictures and I absolutely love This Is England. x


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